About us

Demux Video Services Ltd is a leading audio and video analysis company, specialising in the clarification and Demultiplexing of CCTV images and footage.

We don’t just process your video, we use our experience to actively study it – ensuring that you gain the maximum benefit for your investigation and case preparation.”

CCTV has become a fundamental part of everyday life, and along with other forms of audio and video material, is often presented as key evidence in court.

Solicitors, barristers, police services, local authorities, security firms, regulatory investigators and health & safety directors – your evidence is our business.

Founding member and expert Dave Thorne draws on his experiences of working with Bedfordshire Police as a Detective specialising in the use of CCTV evidence.

Plus, of course, Demux are always sourcing and researching new techniques and services, so if you require anything that you do not find here please contact us.

Important work is often required at short notice and, whenever possible, we will do our utmost to accommodate urgent requests.

Please contact us to find out how we can assist you.