3D scan and CCTV overlay – webinar recording (post updated)

CCTV overlay on 3D point cloud

The image shows the combined point cloud including the trajectory cones + video evidence showing the suspect and firearm position.


You can now view the recording of this webinar here https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/4261935073571783425 on submission of the form you will get the video.

On their last joint webinar with Leica, the use of iNPUT-ACE with Leica scan data for a collision investigation was explored (see the link below). This time, they will be speaking with Detective Sergeant Brad Joice about a double homicide where iNPUT-ACE was used to validate the trajectory cones from measurements performed within Map360. They will also look at additional examples of pin-pointing shooter locations within a point cloud and measuring suspect heights.

How could the ability to overlay CCTV of the incident accurately onto a 3D point cloud assist your investigations?

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A Powerful Approach for Video Evidence How to Combine Point Clouds and Video for Scene Mapping

The Democratization of Video Evidence: Equipping Investigators with Modern Tools and Know-How

iNPUT-ACE webinar 28th january 2020Is your team prepared to handle a major investigation that involves multiple sources of Video Evidence? How long would it take you to gain insight from 12+ camera angles – each with a unique proprietary file format?

Join the webinar at 10 am PST (18:00 GMT), January 28th, for an in-depth discussion with industry expert Grant Fredericks as he shares details about his process from a complex case. Then there will be a deeper look at how these techniques are being implemented within large agencies.

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iNPUT-ACE Version 2.5.1 released

In September  iNPUT-ACE version 2.5 was launched which featured many user experience improvements, a completely overhauled method for decoding proprietary video files . Now iNPUT-ACE version 2.5.1 has been released with significant additions to the library of supported formats among other improvements.

iNPUT-ACE 2.5.1 Details

In this latest release, they have focused primarily on new file format support. iNPUT-ACE 2.5.1 adds 30+ new video formats allowing users to instantly drag-drop-play thousands of proprietary formats for more powerful and efficient investigations.

New Playable Formats with iNPUT-ACE 2.5.1 Include:

  • .PSF (from Digital Watchdog and others)
  • Additional Genetec .G64 /.G64x files
  • Several new .EXE formats
  • Several new H.265 formats

Improvements from iNPUT-ACE 2.5

In addition to the new File Formats, version 2.5.1 brings several fixes to the software. Here are a few changes you can expect in 2.5.1:

  • Fixed issue with Deinterlace node
  • Users can now manually set date/timestamp on any file to easily synchronize the data with other camera angles
  • Fixed issue with “include input filename” checkbox for Workflows using Subclips
  • Fixed issue with exporting saved Workflows

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New Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis Training and Software

We are very pleased to be able to offer investigators and examiners some new software and training.

In addition to the DVR Examiner software we are now able to supply iNPUT-ACE software and the Cellebrite VERA course.

I will be putting up more information on the website soon but here are a few words about the software and training;

iNPUT-ACE and iNPUT-ACE | Lite software packages provide investigators with powerful tools to manage their digital video evidence. The two dynamic software programs work alongside each other to expedite any case that involves video evidence: from video playback, to clip extraction, enhancement, analysis, report writing, and much more.

Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis (VERA) Course (To be held in the UK)

The Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis Course (VERA) is five-day intermediate level course designed to introduce investigators, examiners and analysts to digital video technology and to meet the specific needs of the digital video examiner and analyst.

Students will learn proper methods to interrogate digital video evidence while receiving guided instruction throughout the process of recovering valuable evidence from video images. The course will also focus on specialized investigative techniques for the examination of video to explore issues relating to the use of force, speed estimation and identification. A variety of DVR, body-worn and in-car video sources will be examined in depth, testing data acquisition, file identification, image accuracy, video processing work flows and report writing.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.