The Democratization of Video Evidence: Equipping Investigators with Modern Tools and Know-How

iNPUT-ACE webinar 28th january 2020Is your team prepared to handle a major investigation that involves multiple sources of Video Evidence? How long would it take you to gain insight from 12+ camera angles – each with a unique proprietary file format?

Join the webinar at 10 am PST (18:00 GMT), January 28th, for an in-depth discussion with industry expert Grant Fredericks as he shares details about his process from a complex case. Then there will be a deeper look at how these techniques are being implemented within large agencies.

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iNPUT-ACE Version 2.5.1 released

In September  iNPUT-ACE version 2.5 was launched which featured many user experience improvements, a completely overhauled method for decoding proprietary video files . Now iNPUT-ACE version 2.5.1 has been released with significant additions to the library of supported formats among other improvements.

iNPUT-ACE 2.5.1 Details

In this latest release, they have focused primarily on new file format support. iNPUT-ACE 2.5.1 adds 30+ new video formats allowing users to instantly drag-drop-play thousands of proprietary formats for more powerful and efficient investigations.

New Playable Formats with iNPUT-ACE 2.5.1 Include:

  • .PSF (from Digital Watchdog and others)
  • Additional Genetec .G64 /.G64x files
  • Several new .EXE formats
  • Several new H.265 formats

Improvements from iNPUT-ACE 2.5

In addition to the new File Formats, version 2.5.1 brings several fixes to the software. Here are a few changes you can expect in 2.5.1:

  • Fixed issue with Deinterlace node
  • Users can now manually set date/timestamp on any file to easily synchronize the data with other camera angles
  • Fixed issue with “include input filename” checkbox for Workflows using Subclips
  • Fixed issue with exporting saved Workflows

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New Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis Training and Software

We are very pleased to be able to offer investigators and examiners some new software and training.

In addition to the DVR Examiner software we are now able to supply iNPUT-ACE software and the Cellebrite VERA course.

I will be putting up more information on the website soon but here are a few words about the software and training;

iNPUT-ACE and iNPUT-ACE | Lite software packages provide investigators with powerful tools to manage their digital video evidence. The two dynamic software programs work alongside each other to expedite any case that involves video evidence: from video playback, to clip extraction, enhancement, analysis, report writing, and much more.

Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis (VERA) Course (To be held in the UK)

The Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis Course (VERA) is five-day intermediate level course designed to introduce investigators, examiners and analysts to digital video technology and to meet the specific needs of the digital video examiner and analyst.

Students will learn proper methods to interrogate digital video evidence while receiving guided instruction throughout the process of recovering valuable evidence from video images. The course will also focus on specialized investigative techniques for the examination of video to explore issues relating to the use of force, speed estimation and identification. A variety of DVR, body-worn and in-car video sources will be examined in depth, testing data acquisition, file identification, image accuracy, video processing work flows and report writing.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

DVR Examiner Training

DVR Examiner User Certificate TrainingWe are very pleased to announce that there will be two DVR Examiner User Certification classes run in the UK in September 2018. Tutors will be from the software developer DME Forensics.

As a forensic investigator, you often face time-sensitive situations, where the accuracy of your evidence can make or break a case. By using DVR Examiner, you can save both time and money in these situations, but it helps to know how to use the tool effectively.

While DME Forensics put a lot of effort into making DVR Examiner simple and easy to use, it is still a very complex tool with a lot of powerful capabilities. Understanding the basics behind how DVR Examiner works, as well as the best practices and methodologies for the software can be critical in any investigation. With training, you can fully maximise DVR Examiner’s potential to assist in your case.

The User Certification Training guides users through the process of how DVR Examiner works, from DVR acquisition to complete video recovery and data output. We will go over all of the newest features of DVR Examiner, including the recovery of deleted (inaccessible) video. Students will explore how to make the most of DVR Examiner in real world scenarios, and how to defend your evidence in a court.

This training is especially important if you’re likely to testify to the work done with DVR Examiner. Being a certified user can be critical to DVR Examiner in court. Opposing counsel can be very diligent in ensuring the accuracy of evidence being entered, so being able to explain your methods, along with how DVR Examiner operates, can help you defend your evidence.

Location: Between Manchester and Liverpool.


Course A – 8:00 Monday 24th September to 12:00 Wednesday 26th September

Course B – 13:00 Wednesday 26th September to 17:00 Friday 28th September

Certificate: When the student is present for all sessions and has passed all exams, they will receive a certificate of completion. When the attendee has actively taken part and was present for all sessions but failed to reach the required standard in the exams they will receive a certificate of participation.

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CCTV Analysis and Court Presentation Material

Train CCTVCCTV Analysis

Following an Affray at a railway station CCTV images from the station and an on board train system were used by the prosecution in the form of a DVD compilation. We were instructed by one of the defence teams to analyse the CCTV evidence and clarify images containing their client for presentation in court.

Having viewed the DVD compilation disclosed to the defence we identified that the original Digital CCTV images had been converted to the DVD format. This can introduce artefacts, reduce edge detail and sometimes even miss out recorded frames. (see more here and here) so we advised that a copy of the original material should be requested so that we could carry out our analysis on the best evidence.

We identified that the timestamp used by both systems was not synchronised which made relating what could be seen from each system difficult and possibly misleading and produced material to identify the difference.  We produced clarified video and a document containing all of the relevant video images as stills in pdf format with the position of their client highlighted.

“At one stage in the proceedings, it [the pdf document] was referred to as the ‘bible’.”


After the completion of the trial the instructing solicitor said;
“The stills were very useful in terms of the on board footage and both other defence counsel said that this allowed them to explore points which they would otherwise not have been able to. At one stage in the proceedings, it [the pdf document] was referred to as the ‘bible’. Thank you as ever for your sterling work – and turnaround. I know that I always find the way in which the material is sent very useful and easy to access / use in terms of presentation (despite my lack of computer know how). Thanks again for your hard work!”
G. Bell of The Purkiss Partnership

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Commendation for Video Analysis and Court Presentation

I attended a commendation ceremony a few months ago at Bedfordshire Police HQ for police officers and others who brought the perpetrators of a large scale Cash for Crash operation to justice.

The text of the Chief Constable’s commendation included the following textDavid Thorne receiving commendation for video analysis

Judge Kay said, I want to commend the diligence and professionalism of the police officers and others involved in this inquiry. It has been a long and tortuous process to piece together the web of fraud in this operation. There were tens of thousands of documents that had to be reviewed, assessed and evaluated. By their efforts, the police and others involved have brought to an end a fraud which would have continued for some considerable time after November 2006 if it had not been stopped. It would have led to further considerable losses for the motor insurance industry and, ultimately, for all of us.

I COMMEND David Thorne who went to enormous efforts to put together all the photographic and video evidence, which was invaluable as it was so important to the investigation.


David Farrell QC  previously wrote;

David Thorne worked in collaboration with the OIC and Counsel. As Leading Counsel for the Prosecution I was impressed with the skills and dedication of David Thorne. He was often required to change or amend presentations over night or even at Court. He did so with speed and accuracy. (Tweet this)

Furthermore, he made positive contributions to the operation, using his former Police investigative skills to review the photographic evidence in the context of his knowledge of the case and thereby provide in itself valuable evidence. For example, he was able to see photographic damage to vehicles the significance of which had not been apparent to the investigative team and when placed before the Jury substantially contributed to the strength of this Prosecution.

I have no hesitation in recommending David Thorne as a dedicated and skilled forensic multimedia analyst who provides a first class service.

If you would like to discuss how David can help you to understand and present the video evidence in your case please use the Contact Us button or call 0845 226 3128

There’s more to this than meets the eye…..

This is a topic which I covered in a previous blog post that I have resurrected as it is as true today as when I wrote it two years ago.

There is a problem in the Criminal Justice system which relates to how best to present/disclose video evidence.

On the one hand everyone wants an easy  method of displaying the video to the court when required and with the least fuss. So in many cases the material is converted and authored to DVD. But should we be interested in the quality of that video; how faithfully does it represent the recorded images or can we say that it doesn’t matter as the material is only to provide an overview. If we want to ensure that the court can understand specific details in the video then we will need to use the best version of the recording. This probably wont be the DVD.

What about a Forensic CCTV Analysis of that material? We would want to be sure that what we examine is a true copy of the original recording not a compressed version of it.

Here’s a previous article from a couple of years ago that highlights a part of this,

Document thumbnail




There’s more to this than meets the eye




We have found that one of the most compelling methods of using video evidence is when it is in the form of a storyboard.

   We will take your video images and produce a document containing A4 size pages with typically six images per page. The images are produced in a chronological sequence and depending on the individual requirements the images may be all of the relevant images, a selection from a sequence or sequences from multiple cameras and systems.

We recently assisted an investigator who needed the video images in a format that could easily be used to show witnesses and interview suspects, he writes…

Operation Hovercraft
As part of an investigation into a large scale organised fraud I had seized CCTV videotapes for several dates from multiple locations. I needed to extract images of the offences taking place for use in obtaining witness statements and in suspect interviews and ultimately in any court proceedings. This task was made very difficult as the vast majority of the CCTV images were not time or date stamped.

   Demux quickly reformatted the tapes to DVD format with a time-code overlaid which allowed me to review and create a brief chronology of any relevant contents. Demux then digitised the relevant periods from the original tapes and created a storyboard of video stills to show the movements of those involved in chronological order, with the position of each person highlighted and colour coded. In addition they produced DVD’s containing video clips of each counter transaction.

   Their [Demux] background and expertise in this field has provided me with the material to effectively investigate the offences and will reduce the time required to interview witnesses and suspects.

Detective D. B. Economic Crime Unit, City of London Police

If you have video evidence and would like it in a format

that would allow you to use it effectively in your investigation or case preparation please contact us to see how we can assist you

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