Webinar-Getting started with DVR Examiner – December 2018

DVR Examiner Training

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Getting Started with DVR Examiner!

1-Hour Webinar provided by DME ForensicsDVR Examiner Training
December 12, 2018
9:00 a.m. MST (16:00 GMT)

DVR Examiner can save your forensics team valuable time and money in the field and back at the lab. Sign up for this free 1-hour webinar to learn how to use this program as efficiently and effectively as possible. We will go over the basics of how to use DVR Examiner, as well as talk through some of the newest updates to the the software.

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DVR Examiner Training

DVR Examiner User Certificate TrainingWe are very pleased to announce that there will be two DVR Examiner User Certification classes run in the UK in September 2018. Tutors will be from the software developer DME Forensics.

As a forensic investigator, you often face time-sensitive situations, where the accuracy of your evidence can make or break a case. By using DVR Examiner, you can save both time and money in these situations, but it helps to know how to use the tool effectively.

While DME Forensics put a lot of effort into making DVR Examiner simple and easy to use, it is still a very complex tool with a lot of powerful capabilities. Understanding the basics behind how DVR Examiner works, as well as the best practices and methodologies for the software can be critical in any investigation. With training, you can fully maximise DVR Examiner’s potential to assist in your case.

The User Certification Training guides users through the process of how DVR Examiner works, from DVR acquisition to complete video recovery and data output. We will go over all of the newest features of DVR Examiner, including the recovery of deleted (inaccessible) video. Students will explore how to make the most of DVR Examiner in real world scenarios, and how to defend your evidence in a court.

This training is especially important if you’re likely to testify to the work done with DVR Examiner. Being a certified user can be critical to DVR Examiner in court. Opposing counsel can be very diligent in ensuring the accuracy of evidence being entered, so being able to explain your methods, along with how DVR Examiner operates, can help you defend your evidence.

Location: Between Manchester and Liverpool.


Course A – 8:00 Monday 24th September to 12:00 Wednesday 26th September

Course B – 13:00 Wednesday 26th September to 17:00 Friday 28th September

Certificate: When the student is present for all sessions and has passed all exams, they will receive a certificate of completion. When the attendee has actively taken part and was present for all sessions but failed to reach the required standard in the exams they will receive a certificate of participation.

More Details

For further details please email info@demux.co.uk



Training – VFSource User Training February 2018

Last week we were in Merseyside with Jeff Hunter of Salient Sciences training video examiners from various UK police forces. It was interesting to hear the different ways that video material is being processed and presented for prosecutions.

Providing training to video examiners

Jeff, who is the Principal Engineer at Salient Sciences, was particularly interested to speak with users to gain an insight into their real-world issues when working with multimedia evidence as he can influence the future development of the software to assist users to work more efficiently and effectively.

The course was attended by new and experienced users and the following comment highlights why training is so important…..

“I can say that I really enjoyed the course. It has re-ignited my interest in working with digital media.  I always knew the software could do more than I was using it for.  I can also say that the first job this morning has already seen my new skills in action.” Course attendee DP of Derbyshire Constabulary.

Both the VFSource and VFPro software provide examiners with the tools to work with proprietary and non-proprietary video and audio material.

If you would like more information about the VideoFOCUS software or future training events please complete the form on one of the product pages – VFSource or VFPro

Training – CCTV DVR systems and DVR Examiner

Schippers IT, the European Distributors of DME Forensics software DVR Examiner, are proposing to hold two training courses in Autumn 2017. Both courses will be presented by DME Forensics employees who are travelling from the US for the courses.


Complete Forensic Analysis of CCTV DVR systems

This is an 8 day course from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT+1. It starts on Wednesday 6 September 2017 to Friday 8 September 2017. The course will resume on Monday 11 September 2017 to Friday 15 September 2017. Please note that this course is only available to employees of Government organisations such as Police, HMRC, Armed Forces etc.

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DVR Examiner User Certification Course

DVR Examiner - software to extract video from CCTV DVRs

This is a 3 day course from 9:00 to 17:00 GMT+1. It starts on Monday 18 September 2017 till Wednesday 20 September 2017. This course is open to existing users of the DVR Examiner software and will include topics related to verification/validation.

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Both courses will be held in Rotterdam

Audio and Video Forensics Training in UK

Hurry last few seats availableSeats still available – Oxford 27th Feb to 3rd Mar 2017

We still have a few seats available on the upcoming training here in the UK.

3 day course – Video and basic Audio

5 day course – Video and advanced Audio

Don Tunstall of Salient Sciences is coming over to take his popular 3 day Video or 5 day combined Audio and Video class.

Based on the latest VideoFOCUS Pro and CARDINAL MiniLab software from  Salient Sciences attendees get the opportunity to learn and put into practice the skills needed to effectively  process Audio and Video material.

If you still have some training budget left then why not get trained so that you can make the most of the software you may already have but didn’t know it was capable of a specific task.

You can find out more here or give Dave a call on 0845 226 3128

We just need a Purchase Order number to reserve your seat.


UK DAC School Forensic Video/Audio Training 27 Feb to 3 Mar 2017

DAC Training

Held at the Holiday Inn Oxford Peartree Roundabout Woodstock Rd. Oxford, OX2 8JD

DAC School Forensic Video/Audio Training:

Based on the latest VideoFOCUS Pro and CARDINAL MiniLab software, this intensive training teaches how to clarify evidentiary video and audio recordings in a unified way. Techniques for importing and analysing the material, viewing the video frame by frame, clarifying the video and images, reducing noises and effects in the audio track(s), maximising voice intelligibility, and exporting the finished product, are taught through a combination of lecture, careful observation and analysis, critical listening, and hands-on practical exercises with state-of-the-art tools and real-world training materials. On the final day of the class, each student will be provided with a certificate for the attended training.

Enrollment is limited to 12 students, with all necessary equipment, software, and training files provided for use during the training.

Thumb drives for installing 30-day trial software and training files on attendees’ own Windows-based laptop computers will also be made available.

Two Training Options:

  • Full Forensic Video/Audio Training (all 5 days)
  • Video Training and Audio Introduction (first 3 days only)

To enrol of find out more please click here

UK DAC School™ Forensic Video and Audio Training Session – June 2016

Salient Sciences Forensic Video and Audio enhancement softwareHurry last few seats available


Don’t miss your chance to attend the upcoming UK DAC School™
Forensic Video/Audio Training Session – 13th to 17th June 2016 in Oxford, United Kingdom

DAC School™ Forensic Video/Audio Training:

Based on the latest VideoFOCUS Pro and CARDINAL MiniLab software, this intensive training presented by Don Tunstall, General Manager at Salient Sciences, teaches how to clarify evidentiary video and audio recordings in a unified way. Techniques for importing and analysing the material, viewing the video frame by frame, clarifying the video and images, reducing noises and effects in the audio track(s), maximizing voice intelligibility, and exporting the finished product, are taught through a combination of lecture, careful observation and analysis, critical listening, and hands on practical exercises with state of the art tools and real world training materials.

On the final day of the class, each student will be provided with a certificate for the attended training.

Video and audio topics covered, Days 1-3:

  • Video and Imaging Basics
  • Sound and Audio Basics
  • File Formats and Codecs
  • VideoFOCUS Pro Software Familiarization
  • Video and Image Processing
  • Basic Audio Processing with QuickEnhance
  • Voice Intelligibility
  • Audio Editor and VST Plugin Familiarization
  • Practical Test on Video Clarification

Additional audio topics covered, Days 4-5:

  • CARDINAL MiniLab Software Familiarization
  • Advanced Audio Processing with CARDINAL MiniLab
    (including within VideoFOCUS Pro)
  • Reference Noise Alignment and Cancellation
  • Practical Test on Audio Clarification

Seats are limited for this course. If you are planning to attend and haven’t registered yet, please do so as soon as possible.