DVR Examiner version 1.29.0

DME Forensics have just released DVR Examiner version 1.29.0

The updates just keep coming, the folks at DME Forensics far exceed their commitment to 4 updates in a 12 month subscription period.DVR Examiner Update

Version 1.29.0 – 01/09/2016

– Added support (including inaccessible recovery) for the MFS_264 filesystem commonly found in Hanbang and many unbranded DVRs.

– Added support for the UMV_264 filesystem commonly found in Unimo, Vicon, and unbranded DVRs.

– Modified detection for the Mirage_264, PROD11_264, and IFS family filesystems in order to support additional DVRs.

– Addressed an issue with the UAVTECH_M4 filesystem that was affecting a limited number of users.

– Addressed an issue with API requests for internet connected users.


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If you have a current subscription you can download this version here Download DVR Examiner

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