DVR Examiner Version 2.1.0 released

Latest release from DME Forensics, imaging is back!

The Forensic imaging capability has been improved and restored, grab your Write Blocker and get imaging.

DVR Examiner forensic image hard drive


Other highlights include;

– Added support for inaccessible recovery from the HIK_264 filesystem.
– Implemented clip “Tags” (small notes for each clip).
– Implemented a per-channel motion sensitivity configuration.
– Added an “Audit Log” report to see what has been done with a given clip or clips.
– Added the ability to double click on saved case to load it within DVR Examiner.

Along with some Bug fixes and performance updates.

You can read the full release notes here

You can read DME Forensics blog post about the release here





If you have a current subscription please download this version from the support portal here

If you are involved in the recovery of video from CCTV DVRs and you are not yet a user of DVR Examiner you can obtain a free trial here and discover how much easier it is with a tool specifically built for the task.

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