DVR Examiner Version 2.5.0 released

DVR Examiner version 2.5 released

  • – Faster load times for preview.
    – Improved preview scrub bar.
    – Added support for variable clip resolutions.
    – Added ability to correct for video split horizontally.
    – Added preview support for IXDVRDISK, IXDVRDISK_NP, and IFS_MPEG.
    – Added notes to export report for filesystems with difficult exports to play.
    – Added total duration to cliplist selected clips info panel.
    – Resolved issue with export report not completing correctly if started during scan.
    – Resolved issue with export report not generating if clips fail to export.
    – Resolved issue with saving profilers to desktop.
    – Added support for filesystems with multiple video formats.
    – Added support for IIDX_4PMC filesystem.
    – Added support for the DHFS_41C filesystem.
    – Added frame level inaccessible scan for DHFS_41.
    – Improved functionality for data requests.
    – Resolved multiple filesystem bugs.

Keep in mind, in order to use DVR Examiner 2.5, you must have an active subscription, please contact us if you want to check the status of your subscription or discuss renewing it.

If you have a current subscription you can download this version from the support portal here

If you are involved in the recovery of video from CCTV DVRs and you are not yet a user of DVR Examiner you can obtain a free trial here and discover how much easier it is with a tool specifically built for the task.

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