Introducing the DVR Examiner Updater

The DVR Examiner Updater application allows you to continuously update your existing version of DVR Examiner with newly supported filesystems and improvements to existing filesystems as we finalize them. Basically, this new application brings you system compatibility with new DVRs, faster.

DVR Examiner - filesystem updater

There are a few ways to run the DVR Examiner Updater. If you are connected to the internet, you can click the link on the notification screen within DVR Examiner (pictured below). Otherwise, use the Windows start menu or launch the DVRExaminer_Updater.exe from the DVR Examiner installation folder (usually C:/Program Files/DVR Examiner).

DVR Examiner - version window

The process for updating your filesystem database version will depend on whether or not your work station is connected to the internet. If you have an internet connection, you can download and install Filesystem Database Updates (FDUs) from the DVR Examiner Updater. The Updater will allow you to download a new FDU from the portal and then install the new FDU immediately, so that DVR Examiner has the most current filesystem code to run from.

If your work station is not connected to the internet, you will have to use an internet connected computer to download the the latest FDU from the Support Portal and move the FDU to your work station (using a flash drive). After moving the FDU to your work station, you can select the “Add FDU” option in the top bar of the DVR Examiner Updater. You will then be able to install that FDU so DVR Examiner can have access to the latest filesystems and filesystem improvements.

Note: if a FDU does not appear in the grid of the Updater after being added, you can refresh the Updater Grid by clicking the “Check for Latest FDUs” button.

For more information on using the DVR Examiner Updater, check out this short training video (turn on your speakers).

We are excited to bring you this new feature of DVR Examiner to help bring you filesystem updates at a faster pace. If you encounter a filesystem that is not supported by DVR Examiner, be sure to submit a request to the technical support team at Please include the name of the filesystem in your email.

Haven’t updated DVR Examiner to 2.2 yet? Click here to download the latest version and get access to continuous filesystem updates.

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