Commendation for Video Analysis and Court Presentation

I attended a commendation ceremony a few months ago at Bedfordshire Police HQ for police officers and others who brought the perpetrators of a large scale Cash for Crash operation to justice.

The text of the Chief Constable’s commendation included the following textDavid Thorne receiving commendation for video analysis

Judge Kay said, I want to commend the diligence and professionalism of the police officers and others involved in this inquiry. It has been a long and tortuous process to piece together the web of fraud in this operation. There were tens of thousands of documents that had to be reviewed, assessed and evaluated. By their efforts, the police and others involved have brought to an end a fraud which would have continued for some considerable time after November 2006 if it had not been stopped. It would have led to further considerable losses for the motor insurance industry and, ultimately, for all of us.

I COMMEND David Thorne who went to enormous efforts to put together all the photographic and video evidence, which was invaluable as it was so important to the investigation.


David Farrell QC  previously wrote;

David Thorne worked in collaboration with the OIC and Counsel. As Leading Counsel for the Prosecution I was impressed with the skills and dedication of David Thorne. He was often required to change or amend presentations over night or even at Court. He did so with speed and accuracy. (Tweet this)

Furthermore, he made positive contributions to the operation, using his former Police investigative skills to review the photographic evidence in the context of his knowledge of the case and thereby provide in itself valuable evidence. For example, he was able to see photographic damage to vehicles the significance of which had not been apparent to the investigative team and when placed before the Jury substantially contributed to the strength of this Prosecution.

I have no hesitation in recommending David Thorne as a dedicated and skilled forensic multimedia analyst who provides a first class service.

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