There’s more to this than meets the eye…..

This is a topic which I covered in a previous blog post that I have resurrected as it is as true today as when I wrote it two years ago.

There is a problem in the Criminal Justice system which relates to how best to present/disclose video evidence.

On the one hand everyone wants an easy¬† method of displaying the video to the court when required and with the least fuss. So in many cases the material is converted and authored to DVD. But should we be interested in the quality of that video; how faithfully does it represent the recorded images or can we say that it doesn’t matter as the material is only to provide an overview. If we want to ensure that the court can understand specific details in the video then we will need to use the best version of the recording. This probably wont be the DVD.

What about a Forensic CCTV Analysis of that material? We would want to be sure that what we examine is a true copy of the original recording not a compressed version of it.

Here’s a previous article from a couple of years ago that highlights a part of this,

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There’s more to this than meets the eye



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