Unlock Digital CCTV

Is a lawyers time well spent trying to play a video?

We recently helped a firm of Personal Injury Solicitors who were unable to view a video no matter what they tried. They were acting for a cyclist involved in an accident and they had received some Digital CCTV evidence on a disc which they needed to view.

Nothing wrong with the file?

The video playback software installed on their computers was unable to play the file. They made inquiries with the police and were told that there was nothing wrong with the file and that they needed to download a common codec pack, but this made no difference. They contacted the location from which the CCTV was sourced and received more advice, but they were still unable to view the images. Having exhausted the obvious options, and before they took a hammer to it, they searched the web (Google) for someone to help them to unlock Digital CCTV material and called us.

Media Player error messages

The dreaded pop up

Unlocking CCTV Material

Having received the disc from them we viewed its content and found that the file extension of the only file on the disc was “.AVI”, a fairly common file container format. We then examined the  file and found that it was in fact encoded using a proprietary codec not freely available on the internet. We were then able to extract the video images and create a video that they could play in Windows Media Player without any additional downloads. With the Digital CCTV unlocked they can now view the images and continue their work on the case.

There are many reasons you may not be able to view the video files on a disc such as CODEC issues, no suitable proprietary player, damaged disc or corrupt file data.

So what can you do?

If you have problems viewing video material as part of your case we can assist you by unlocking it from its proprietary format allowing you to view it on your computer.

If you have material served in the DVD-Video format  (How would I know?) then you may also want to find out if you can get a copy of the original export from the Digital CCTV (Why?).

Rather than getting frustrated with the material and distracted from your work, why not let us help you with your Audio or Video evidence problems, we’re only a phone call away.

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