VideoFocus Pro Update V5.0

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NEW in VideoFOCUSPro 5 –Direct Integration.
with CARDINAL MiniLabAdvanced Suite! 

Salient Sciences have announced an update to their flagship Video and Audio Clarification Suite which includes;

  • Expanded Audio Clarification capabilities.
  • Dark interface.
  • Input and output windows can be locked together.
  • Snapshot feature.

VideoFOCUS Pro 5.0, the latest version of our video clarification software, now providing greatly-expanded audio clarification capabilities with the complete CARDINAL MiniLab Advanced Suite and QuickEnhance Plug-In both fully incorporated. Additional improvements include the new “dark” user interface, which is more suitable for use in the typical forensic video laboratory where lighting is reduced; improved synchronization of Input/Output players on all filter windows, enabling them to be explicitly locked together during scrubbing, panning, and zooming to better compare before and after; and the new “snapshot” feature, enabling easy capture of still images exactly as viewed on the screen. Please view the VFPro datasheet for further details. All VFPro users who were current on maintenance as of 1 May 2015 or who purchased the software thereafter, or who have a current subscription, are fully entitled to this update.

Salient Sciences VideoFocus Pro is supplied in the UK by Demux Video Services Ltd.


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