CCTV Analysis – Full Review of Multimedia Evidence

Full Review of Multimedia Evidence

CCTV Analysis to assist Defense lawyers, prosecuting barristers, police services, local authorities, security firms and health & safety directors – your evidence is our business.

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With the proliferation of CCTV cameras the analysis of video material has become an essential tool used in many civil, criminal and private investigations and has proved vital in many court cases. Numerous incidents are captured every day by cameras in both public and private spaces.  These incidents range from health and safety issues, traffic accidents to murders and can involve tracking and comparing multiple persons, objects and vehicles sometimes over many days or weeks.

CCTV images, and sometimes audio, are captured to a mixture of analogue tape based recording systems through to the latest digital video recorders (DVR). The modern analyst needs to have tools that can read the different formats and an understanding of the latest technology. Many systems employ CCTV analytics software which can provide useful information regarding the content of the recorded material but when that material is going to be relied upon in the court arena an analyst still needs to view the images and make informed decisions about the content.

Material is also being gathered from hand held cameras and smart phones and is increasingly being used in the investigation process. Surveillance teams and private investigators also use covert audio and video recordings as a source of intelligence and evidential material.

The expert analyst needs to use both technical and investigative skills to help others understand the content of the multimedia recordings and the impact that may have on the relevant case.

Forensic video analysis has been described as the scientific examination, comparison and/or evaluation of video in legal matters.

Having carried out the CCTV analysis the material then needs to be presented in a format for use in the investigation, case preparation and presentation. This may be presented in the form of a video still, storyboard, DVD, compilation, report or a combination of these.

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