Audio Analysis Services

Audio Services


Once audio has been captured on tape or disc it has then to be replayed to allow the viewer to see it. The quality and clarity of the audio needs to be of high quality. The audio may be unclear and require clarification to be examined.

We will enhance your audio top top quality to assist you in your work.


If your video contains dialogue which is either difficult to understand or of a foreign language we can add subtitles to the images to improve the viewer’s understanding.

Text to Video Sync

This service is ideal for video interview or surveillance footage that contains a lot of dialogue and for which a transcript needs to be created. We will synchronise the transcript with the video images and place them on a CD/DVD. There will also be a media player and editor included. This allows for text searching of the transcript which also takes you to the exact place in the video. You can create clips from the video by simply highlighting the text and saving. The advantage of this is that it is possible to edit on the fly and use the clips in case conferences and at court, and export them to presentation programmes.


Forensic Transcript

Tape to CD

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