CCTV Evidence Discovery

Evidence Discovery

We can help you with evidence discovery. While we work with your evidence we keep our eyes open for things that could assist your case and enhance for presentation in court.

There is a range of ways we do this for you:

Case review

We compare the material already available such as statements and exhibits with what is seen in the video material. As a case progresses new material is added but this may have an impact on previously examined items which may get overlooked. We will review all of the relevant material against the available audio and video material to ensure that nothing is missed, incorrect or its relevance ignored.

This often reveals new lines of enquiry or opportunities to consolidate existing material and has lead to case winning material.

Facial identification

We have now partnered with a leading expert in this field and can provide a professional, independent service to Police Forces, solicitors/barristers and corporate clients in the field of image based forensics specialising in Facial Identification.

As crime levels increase, there is a call to express expert opinions on aspects of human faces in an attempt to identify criminals.

This demand for photographic comparisons is fuelled by the proliferation of surveillance cameras. This technology can catch criminals in the act, but the images caught on film are of little value unless they can be linked with an acceptable degree of certainty to a particular individual. The face is the most individually recognisable part of the human body and it is accepted that each face is unique.

The terms, facial recognition, facial mapping, facial image comparison and forensic photo comparison are all used to describe the activity of assessing the closeness of fit of one facial image against another.

Facial identification is a visual examination and analysis of imagery, moving or still from a variety of formats.

There are three types of examination

  • Morphological analysis; collating and comparing differences or similarity between the features on a face.
  • Photo-anthropometry; measuring similar dimensions of a known person’s photographs with those of the individual in question as a proportion of the face.
  • Photo-to-photo video superimposition; comparing one image against another by overlay or side by side, usually on screen.

We can also provide a critique of material produced by other experts in these matters.


We can carry out a comparative analysis of objects such as clothing and vehicles seen in video images with the actual objects, and either show that the two items are not the same or show a level of similarity. This can either assist to rule out items from being those seen in the video or provide a level of support to assist in the case.

Time Sync

When working with images from multiple CCTV systems it is vitally important to establish synchronisation of the times displayed in the images and other relevant equipment that records a time stamp, eg: cash till, ATM, door entry system. We will examine the available data, and where possible create a document that shows the time difference, and demonstrate how we came to our conclusion. Once a benchmark time is established all times can then be adjusted accordingly.

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