Media Duplication


Photograph, Video, CD & DVD Copying


Require copies of material which is confidential, sensitive or evidential.


All work is carried out by staff cleared to work in this field and all property is retained in a secure environment and treated as confidential. We can provide copies for further examination or for distribution as part of the case preparation and disclosure. All items are labelled and appropriately identified for tracking of movements or continuity.



Many CCTV systems are still using video tape to store images from multiple cameras. When these tapes are replayed on standard video equipment the viewer is confronted by an unintelligible series of flashing images that can only be viewed one at a time by pausing the video and stepping forward a frame at a time until another image from the camera of interest comes round. This will ultimately degrade the tape, causing loss of picture quality and damage to the equipment. In addition you are likely to be trying to view a poor quality copy of the original recording. Traditional demultiplexing only decodes one camera at a time so a tape from a 16 camera system would take a minimum of 48 hours to fully decode. This also means that your video has to be played once for each camera that you wish to decode which increases the chances of damage and loss of image quality.


By using specialist tools we can decode the images from individual cameras and convert them into a format that can be viewed easily on standard video equipment. With Express De-multiplexing we can decode up to 16 cameras simultaneously and will provide you with a video of each camera’s images plus a full working copy of your master. If the tape is of a typical 3 hour length Express De-multiplexing offers a saving of at least 45 working hours and your tape is played only once, thus reducing the risk of damage.
If possible we prefer to work with the original material to carry out this process which ensures that the resultant tapes are of the best possible quality.

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