Evidence Preparation


We carry out a forensic analysis of the video evidence using scientific methodology. Rather than just process the video evidence, we investigate the image contents to maximise the potential to your case.

This may mean that we provide other lines of enquiry such as images of possible witnesses, additional questioning of known witnesses or the obtaining of further material and information. We may also be able to confirm or refute details recounted by a witness which supports their testimony.

It is important to us that when you present your evidence in court that it is presented professionally and accurately.

There are a range of methods we employ to make sure this is possible:


Once an image has been captured to tape or disc it has then to be replayed to allow the viewer to see it. The quality and clarity of the image depends greatly on the equipment to do this. The images may hold details that are unclear when viewed and require clarification to extract them sufficiently to be seen and examined. We will carry out this process and create either moving images or stills that will provide you with the maximum detail to assist you in your work.

Masking & Highlighting

When the video image contains information that is confidential – such as members of the public, test purchasers or u/c operators – we can produce clips with masking applied to the relevant areas to prevent identification of those individuals. We can also distort dialogue and disguise images to protect the location from where they were taken.
image masking

It is often necessary to highlight the movements of individuals or objects to help the viewer to distinguish what is relevant. In cases where multiple offenders are in view we can create clips for each individual with their position highlighted by the use of a coloured circle or arrow together with a compilation of all relevant individuals.

Speed correction


When a video tape from a CCTV system is played in a standard VHS video player the images typically play too fast, there might be a jumble of multiple camera views and if the tape is in the S-VHS format you might not see anything at all.


At Demux we can speed correct the images, extract individual camera views if necessary (see Demultiplexing) and reformat S-VHS images, so that you can view each camera view in real time in a standard video player or DVD.


A S9 statement or report can be provided covering work carried out, explanation of CCTV system, continuity and producing of exhibits.

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