Presenting the Evidence in Court

Presenting your Evidence

Below are just some of the techniques we can use to assist you in presenting evidence, anything from filming a reenactment to the actual equipment used in court.

Scene Video

We can visit the scene of an incident and video with or without a commentary, or take stills of the location and surrounding area. This service is especially useful for defence teams who are unable to attend the location but need to understand the layout and views available. It has also been used to allow the defendant/witness an opportunity to explain the incident on camera.

Stills Images


Moving images do not allow for detailed and prolonged examination or the necessary equipment to play them is not available.


We can provide a specific image or series of images as individual A4 size pictures. These allow for more detailed inspection by the viewer and are particularly beneficial in interview and court situations.
See also Storyboards


When it comes to presenting video evidence the moving images are very important but it is often the case that each frame of video is relevant in its own right. By extracting the images and creating a storyboard with annotations it is possible to put a document before the jury that they can study and write comments on as and when they require, unlike video. This format is also very useful in both suspect and interview situations. We can provide copies for further examination or for distribution as part of the case preparation. All items are labelled and appropriately identified for tracking of movements or continuity.

Presentation Equipment

Having spent a large amount of time and money on sourcing, analysing and packaging your evidence it will need to be displayed to the persons in court so that it has the maximum impact.

We can supply, install and support a wide range of presentation equipment for use in case conferences or court hearings.


Whether you use the storyboard method or a text schedule you will need a detailed frame-by-frame written record of the relevant details in each image. For a town centre murder case this document may run to over 100 pages of detailed information that can be referred to by the investigators or defence teams. It can be methodically worked through when presenting the case and, if stored electronically, searched very quickly for salient information and added to HOLMES for cross referencing.

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