Post Event Analysis

We have software that can help you extract and process your Audio and Video material. Select the type of material you need to process from the following options  .......

Software to help you  process CCTV material quickly and efficiently and provide you with an audit trail.

DVR Examiner - helps to retrieve CCTV material from DVRs either in the field or back in the lab. Forensic Video Analysts, Imaging Units and Computer Forensics Units all have a high demand for their time and this tool can save time in the retrieval of material, recovers all video from the hard drive (sometimes even material marked for deletion) and allows for the DVR to be put back into the CCTV system much quicker. Read more

Salient Sciences is the union of Digital Audio Corporation (DAC) and Salient Stills, collectively offering:

  • VideoFOCUS Video, Image, and Audio Clarification Suite
  • CARDINAL MiniLab and QuickEnhance Audio Clarification Tools
  • DAC School Audio and Video Forensics Training

VideoFOCUS (VF) software provides Audio and Video processing and Analysis tools;
VideoFOCUS Source - designed for investigators who need to work with the audio and video material but do not need the expert level tools.
VideoFOCUS Pro - designed for Audio and Video Analysts who need to extract the most from the material.

CARDINAL MiniLab - is a set of ten plug-ins that provide a comprehensive toolset for cleaning and clarifying noisy audio recordings that contain speech.

QuickEnhance Plug-in - provides six sequential stages of speech clarification filtering in a single plug-in.

DVR Examiner

A simple but very powerful forensic DVR recovery software solution, used for CCTV DVR data recovery.

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Salient Sciences

Video and Audio analysis and clarification all in one tool.

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We are proud to be UK resellers for the above software and provide first line support for users.

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