Forensic Software for CCTV Video and DVR Hard Drive Analysis, Recovery and Review

Live & Post Event Analysis

We have software that can help you extract and process your Video material. Select the type of material you need to process from the following options  .......

CCTV Recovery
Video Processing
Facial Recognition

Software to help you process CCTV material quickly and efficiently and provide you with an audit trail.

DVR Examiner - helps to retrieve CCTV material from DVRs either in the field or in the lab. Forensic Video Analysts, Imaging Units and Digital Forensics Units all have a high demand for their time and this tool can save time in the retrieval of material, recovers all video from the hard drive (sometimes even material marked for deletion) and allows for the DVR to be put back into the CCTV system much quicker. Read more

iNPUT-ACE - provides investigators with a tool to review proprietary and open format video files, tag relevant clips, and a visual workflow to process and produce videos in an open format. Includes tools for investigators to integrate CCTV images onto 3D point clouds.. Read more...

AnyVision's  Better Tomorrow - is an advanced tactical surveillance system (T.S.S) that provides video analysis in real-time for multiple face recognition in Mass crowd events. The technology uses computer vision, facial recognition, and deep learning algorithms to imitate the human brain and can be applied to recorded video for post event analysis. Read more

DVR Examiner

A simple but very powerful forensic recovery software solution, used for CCTV DVR video recovery.

Don't spend valuable time with passwords or carving video from a proprietary file system, you can even recover video that the DVR thinks is deleted on some systems.

Trying to recover critical audio evidence? On supported systems, DVR Examiner can recover recorded audio from the DVR.

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With iNPUT-ACE, investigators and video analysts can enhance video images, analyse important file metadata, write dynamic narrative reports, analyse a file’s compression, and much more.

iNPUT-ACE’s powerful workflow engine provides investigators with the ability to quickly share critical evidence within an investigative team, with prosecutors, and eventually to the court.
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