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DVR Examiner software recovers video from the hard drive of a CCTV systems DVR.

Learn how you can download the software and test it to see how much time and effort it will save you.

We just need a few details from you so that we can send you the link to the download page. If you are based outside of our territory we will forward your details to the developers' team.

Forensic workflow

Export video in non-proprietary format

Typically faster than manual export

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DVRs are Tough

Traditional computer forensic techniques can fall short with CCTV DVR systems due to the proprietary filesystems and data used. As the leading experts of CCTV DVR Forensics, DME Forensics has developed a process to reverse engineer these proprietary filesystems and integrate them into the DVR Examiner software.

Existing user

"We have used DVR Examiner to interrogate hard drives from multiple investigations. Not only has it successfully extracted the data in the majority of cases but has substantially improved the efficiency in which we can turnaround data extraction from CCTV systems for investigators."

Neil Purton – T/Forensic Imaging Manager

Scientific Services Unit - Joint Protective Services for Bedfordshire Police, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Constabularies

DVR Examiner users

Forensic Examiners

 DVR Examiner provides a forensically sound workflow to save you and your agency the headache of manually exporting video to flash drives or CDs. It also saves time and effort in carving out the video content from the hard drive data.

Looking for video that the DVR says isn't there? By accessing the raw data DVR Examiner may be able to recover inaccessible video that you cannot recover using the DVR.


There are hundreds if not thousands of DVRs available on the market. Having to learn how to work with each unique system is a time consuming and frustrating process. By working with the hard drive directly, DVR Examiner allows you to bypass the DVR and work with the video in a consistent and easy to use interface.
Quickly and easily recover video at the scene or back at the station in a fraction of the time it could take to export with the DVR itself.

Arson Investigators

Have you ever arrived at an Arson scene and found a burned and mangled DVR that may contain valuable evidence?

In many situations the DVR housing can protect the hard drive from the damage of the fire, allowing you to easily recover your evidence.

Trading Standards

Using the DVR to export video can take upwards of 3 weeks on some systems. With only a few clicks, DVR Examiner allows you to retrieve video from the DVR hard drive directly. Advanced date and time search of the video archive and video can be exported in a non-proprietary format for easy replay and review.

Once the hard drive is imaged and you are confident that DVR Examiner can work with it you could return the DVR to the location.

Intelligence Officers

Use the new Motion Detection feature across multiple camerasand time periods to narrow down video for export and review.

Video can be previewed within DVR Examiner, easily add notes, add a clip to export, and jump to sections of elevated motion using the
related options in the side bar.

Produce a report of all cameras and relevant motion or points of interest for your records or for further review by others.

Private Investigators

DVR Examiner allows the user to create raw disk images (dd) without the use of a thirdparty program. This means that the hard drive can connected to a computer via a write blocker and imaged directly by the software, video identified and exported without additional software.

Users can configure Time Zone and Date/Time offset if required and available for the DVRs filesystem. DVR Examiner will show the
adjusted timestamp of any recovered clips alongside the recovered timestamp.

Save time and resources and process evidence more successfully.


Forgotten or lost the password to the DVR? How much time can be wasted trying to find the default password or contacting the manufacturers support team for an engineers password or a method to reset the system password.

Not a problem for DVR Examiner as it bypasses the DVR Operating system.

Faulty DVR

If a DVR develops a fault or is damaged accidentally or maliciously as long as the hard drive still works then DVR Examiner can still recover video.

DVR Examiner works directly from a hard drive or a forensic image of the hard drive.


Exporting video using the DVR system can be very time consuming, use multiple discs or flash drives and only provide files that a proprietary player can see.

DVR Examiner can export the material in both the proprietary and/or a non-proprietary format and provides an opportunity to review all of the available material as and when required.

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