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Comprehensive Plug-In Package for Audio Forensics

CARDINAL MiniLab Suite is a set of ten plug-ins that provide a comprehensive toolset for cleaning and clarifying noisy audio recordings that contain speech.
With a familiar user interface to audio forensics experts throughout the world who have been trained on “DAC” filtering products, the MiniLab Suite operates within your favorite audio / video editing software, and is capable of reducing many different types of noises in voice recordings, including tonal noises, room “rumble”, hum, engine noises, motors and fans, static, hiss, and background interferers such as radio or television. Certain MiniLab plug-ins can also reverse acoustical and equipment effects that degrade voice intelligibility, such as muffling, spectral coloration, echo/reverberation, near/far distances and microphone concealment issues, and poor frequency response of the recording equipment.

combinations of multiple filters can be previewed and applied by the editing software simultaneously

Unique to the MiniLab Suite, the Filter Chain plug-in allows combinations of multiple filters to be previewed and applied by the editing software simultaneously, and includes numerous preset solutions to common noise problems to save time vs. configuring every filter manually. Additionally, a reporting function details the complete filtering arrangement and settings in a single, printable document (HTML or Word), complete with screen captures for all filters.

Licensing Options

  • Stand Alone license, soft or dongle
  • Software functions for single user indefinitely
  • Optional USB “dongle” permits moving license between machines and/or operating offline
  • Purchase additional annual maintenance after first year to continue getting all software updates as they are released

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Plug-In Specifications:

Common to all plug-ins in MiniLab Suite:

• Dual-trace, zoomable 460-line spectrum analyzer to facilitate before/after audio comparison
• Optional resampling to 14.7/16kHz sample rate to optimize processing for speech (except Filter Chain)

MiniLab includes the following Filter Plug-Ins;

1CH Adaptive
Spectral Inverse
Spectral Subtraction
Graphic EQ
Parametric EQ
Reference Canceller

MiniLab also comes with Factory Preset Combinations of filters to make working on the more common issues arising in audio recordings quicker. Once applied to the audio the individual settings within the filters can be adjusted if required.

Please complete the form here to request a copy of the product brochure.