Quickenhance speech clarification processor

The QuickEnhance Plug-In provides six sequential stages of speech clarification filtering in a single plug-in.

It can be operated within many PC-based audio/video editor platforms, including Adobe Audition, Acon Acoustica, iZotope, and Avid Media Composer.

With a simple, innovative user interface, QuickEnhance efficiently and effectively improves the intelligibility of voice recordings by reducing typical background noises such as hum, motors and fans, static, and hiss.

Additionally, reverberations in speech can be reduced, and multi-band equalisation can be applied to improve the final sound quality, with a final AGC stage compensating for near/far talker level differences in the clarified conversation.

Salient Sciences has tested the QuickEnhance Plug-In on multiple platforms. Upon request, a bundled solution that includes the recommended audio/video editor for the desired application can be provided.

The QuickEnhance® Plug-In provides the following audio processing, over a voice bandwidth of approximately 7 kHz*:

INPUT (Pre-processing of incoming audio)

  • 200 Hz Highpass Filter
  • Auto-Normalize (automatically adjusts audio level to normal range)


  • Dual-trace, 1000-band FFT analyzer,
  • Able to display both input and output spectral analysis at the same time


  • Comb Filter with Automatic Tracking capability
  • Reduces 50-60Hz AC power, or “mains” hum
  • Able to adjust hum frequency over a range of 40 Hz to 75 Hz in increments less than 0.1 Hz


  • PREDICTABLE noise reduction section, able to reduce time-correlated noises such as motors and fans, also able to reduce reverberation in voice with Reverb feature enabled
  • RANDOM noise reduction section, able to reduce noises with broadband spectral patterns such as hiss and static


  • Slider controls allow user to shape the final frequency response for desired sound quality

AGC (Automatic gain control)

  • Adjustable dynamic gain to compensate for near/far talkers in final clarified audio

* Supports audio files at all standard sample rates from 8000 Hz to 96000 Hz

Quickenhance GUI

System Requirements (minimum):

• Windows XP/7/8 PC (32-bit or 64-bit OS)

• 2 GB of RAM • 2.4 GHz dual-core CPU

• 10 GB free disk space

• Software application capable of hosting VST (32- or 64-bit), AAX (64-bit only), or RTAS (32-bit only) plug-ins