Video Evidence Recovery

and Analysis Course (VERA)

VERA training




Five days (35 hours)

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The Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis Course (VERA) is five-day intermediate-level course designed to introduce investigators, examiners and analysts to digital video technology and to meet the specific needs of the digital video examiner and analyst. Students will learn proper methods to interrogate digital video evidence while receiving guided instruction throughout the process of recovering valuable evidence from video images. The course will also focus on specialised investigative techniques for the examination of video to explore issues relating to the use of force, speed estimation and identification.

A variety of DVR, body-worn and in-car video sources will be examined in depth, testing data acquisition, file identification, image accuracy, video processing workflows and report writing. The course will provide students with an understanding of best practices and methodologies for extracting and examining digital media evidence while providing students with focused, practical use of DVR Examiner and iNPUT-ACE.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be offered an opportunity to take an industry-recognised certification examination, created in partnership with DME Forensics and iNPUT-ACE.