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Rather than spending the time thinking and guessing, let us do the work for you.

An expert opinion on your CCTV material for £90 + VAT

From our experience on hundreds of cases through the courts, we have a pretty good idea whether the material will be good enough, either way.

You will get answers...Preliminary Assessment material

  • Is the material relevant or not?
  • Does it support or undermine the prosecution's case?
  • Have all the available views been considered?
  • Have images been interpreted correctly?
  • Can it provide any support for mitigating circumstances?
  • Often the CCTV material is disclosed in a different format than the original and often only includes what the prosecution have decided is relevant. Could anything be missing due to editing or format conversion?

We take our instructions only from you, and our service is completely confidential. Our opinion is just that, but we will be completely transparent about the elements that can help you in your decision. Then, what you do next is completely up to you, but we would be delighted to help if we can. It's what we do.

What's Included

We will carry out an preliminary assessment of the CCTV material together with relevant witness statements and the case summary. We will provide a written report and recommendations on any further investigation, specific Forensic CCTV Analysis, Facial Mapping or Object Comparison.

All this for just £90 + VAT


Examples of our work

The court was not misled by the incorrect analysis of the images by the police officer. Following an initial assessment subsequent Forensic Analysis of the CCTV proved that the defendant had not yet gone to his vehicle from which witnesses later saw him retrieve an object.

Following a Forensic Analysis of the CCTV material the defendants were acquitted. The prosecutions analysis of CCTV evidence in a manslaughter case did not identify that the CCTV system used motion detection to trigger recording and was misleading.

Forensic Analysis of the material showed that the video image was misleading and couldn't support the solicitors opinion. A Solicitor spent many hours viewing CCTV footage in a murder case and convinced themselves that the victim carried out a specific act.

Reformatting of a Digital CCTV recording by the prosecution lost a number of vital images of an assault which only became evident during our assessment of the material. If unnoticed this would have denied the defendant the material to support the mitigating circumstances in the case.

Some assertions by the prosecution in their case opening were clearly incorrect, all eight defendants acquitted. In depth analysis of the prosecution case and CCTV material revealed that additional camera views were available and very relevant and that key prosecution evidence was incorrect.

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Some testimonials 

"....DEMUX compiled storyboard stills from the CCTV which clearly showed my client's position. These stills, which we were able to provide to the Jury in our own bundle, proved highly significant. The Judge even commented on the usefulness of the images. At the conclusion of the Prosecution case, the Judge ruled there was no case to answer and directed a Not Guilty verdict....."

Sally Martin TBJ Solicitors

".....David [Thorne of Demux] examined the images supplied on the DVD and found that they were not true copies of the original footage. He obtained a copy of the original material in its proprietary format and proceeded to examine that. He found that the pink screens were actually nothing to do with the CCTV images but were caused by the method used to replay and convert them to the DVD by the prosecution. He also found that the process of converting the images to DVD had removed images that could be very relevant to the case.

He enhanced and magnified the images from the copy of the original material and produced a printed document with the images in a storyboard format which allowed us to make an informed decision about how to proceed. He also, very helpfully, provided an explanation of the digital recording system and reduced frame rate and came to court at short notice to discuss the material with counsel.

The formatting of the images in the DVD format had changed those images sufficiently in my view to render them misleading when compared to the original recording, we would not have been aware of that had David not advised us.

I would recommend that other defence teams speak with David to see how he can assist with examining and understanding the video material in their cases."

Steven Bayford - Complex Crime Unit, Noble Solicitors.

".....Demux were responsible for identifying various errors made by the prosecution expert in her report. In particular they were responsible for finding new camera angles and timings for a particularly crucial piece of evidence that led to a fundamental shift in the prosecution case against the defendants and provided considerable cross examination material for the prosecution expert.

.... In my view, Demux should take a great deal of credit following the acquittal of all 8 men in this case."

Mark Chatwin - Head of Crown Court Dept BMV Solicitors Birmingham.

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