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iNPUT-ACE Certified Metrologist (IAMC) – Calculating Speed from Video – Module 6 12/5/22

Start Date

May 12, 2022



Start Time

05:00 pm


iNPUT-ACE, Video Evidence Recovery & Analysis

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0845 226 3128


The iNPUT-ACE Metrologist Certification gives students the foundational knowledge needed to get accurate measurements of distance and time from video evidence.



In this module, students learn how to calculate accurate timing from video using the iNPUT-ACE Variable Frame Rate (VFR) Lightboard. This method will help students understand how to utilize recorded video while acknowledging the challenges that can complicate these calculations, such as variable refresh rates, compression, rolling shutter, and more. The introduction to HEX will help students understand the basic building blocks of video files and how different codecs read the metadata that can create inaccuracies in older methods of calculating speed.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand how timing is stored in video files
  • Comprehend the basics of HEX
  • Recognize the depth and complexity of compression
  • Demonstrate an ability to use the VFR Lightboard and articulate each of the steps in the process

Course Outline

  • Examination of timing metadata
  • Introduction to HEX
  • Advanced video compression
  • VFR Lightboard step-by-step

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