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UK DAC School Forensic Video/Audio Training Session – Feb-Mar 2017

Salient Sciences A Division of Digital Audio Corporation

UK DAC School Forensic Video/Audio Training

27 Feb to 3 Mar 2017


Don't miss your chance to attend the upcoming UK DAC School Forensic Video/Audio Training Session on 27th Feb to 3rd March 2017 in Oxford, United Kingdom

Two Training Options:

  • Full Forensic Video/Audio Training (all 5 days): GBP£1500, ex. VAT,
  • Video Training and Audio Introduction (first 3 days only): GBP£833, ex. VAT.

Tuition price includes lunch during the training each day, but does not include attendee transportation, lodging, or other meals.

Attendance for this event is generally restricted to law-enforcement and governmental personnel; at the sole discretion of Salient Sciences and its UK dealer, Demux Video Services Ltd, certain private-sector professionals who are actively working in the forensic audio/video field may also be invited to attend.

Enrollment is limited to 12 students, with all necessary equipment, software, and training files provided for use during the training. Thumb drives for installing 30-day trial software and training files on attendees' own Windows-based laptop computers will also be made available. Attendees bringing their own laptops should ensure that they have an AC adaptor available, and bring their own headphones for private audio listening. Click here to enrol today!

DAC School Forensic Video/Audio Training:

Based on the latest VideoFOCUS Pro and CARDINAL MiniLab software, this intensive training teaches how to clarify evidentiary video and audio recordings in a unified way. Techniques for importing and analysing the material, viewing the video frame by frame, clarifying the video and images, reducing noises and effects in the audio track(s), maximising voice intelligibility, and exporting the finished product, are taught through a combination of lecture, careful observation and analysis, critical listening, and hands-on practical exercises with state-of-the-art tools and real-world training materials. On the final day of the class, each student will be provided with a certificate for the attended training.
Video and audio topics covered, Days 1-3:
- Video and Imaging Basics
- Sound and Audio Basics
- File Formats and Codecs
- VideoFOCUS Pro Software Familiarisation
- Video and Image Processing
- Basic Audio Processing with QuickEnhance
- Voice Intelligibility
- Audio Editor and VST Plugin Familiarisation
- Practical Test on Video Clarification
Additional audio topics covered, Days 4-5:
- CARDINAL MiniLab Software Familiarisation
- Advanced Audio Processing with CARDINAL MiniLab
(including within VideoFOCUS Pro)
- Reference Noise Alignment and Cancellation
- Practical Test on Audio Clarification

See here for a daily schedule
Seats are limited for this course. If you are planning to attend, please register as soon as possible by completing this form below.

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5 Day - Forensic Video/Audio Training 27th Feb to 3rd Mar 2017: GBP£1500, ex. VAT,
3 day - Video Training and Audio Introduction 27th Feb to 1st Mar 2017: GBP£833, ex. VAT.


27th Feb to 3rd Mar 2017
Daily Schedule


Holiday Inn Oxford Peartree Roundabout Woodstock Rd. Oxford, OX2 8JD

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