(Advanced Digital Analysis and Processing Tool)
A new forensic video investigative tool developed from the ground up


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State of the Art Video Investigation

Ground up design for parsing and decoding digital videos

Proprietary Data Mining Code

Does not use external 3rd party tools such as FFprobe or FFmpeg

Comprehensive Analysis

Surfacing data that would not be visible to many existing forensic tools especially if they use FFMPEG

Fast and Efficient

Quickly parses files and generates comprehensive reports, saving time analysing media files

Unique Features

Advanced features like frame-by-frame analysis and real-time scrubbing of video, audio, and subtitles

Simple Reporting

Presents its findings in a user-friendly manner with clear charts and explanations
A-DAPT 1 - Demux

GOP-starting on a P frame

Shows how the tool can understand a file that doesn’t start with a ‘I’ frame, the first 15 ‘P’ frames of the file would not be visible to many existing forensic tools especially if they use FFMPEG.

What is A-DAPT?

A-DAPT (Advanced Digital Analysis and Processing Tool): This tool analyses digital media files and provides a comprehensive analysis of the metadata and stream data found in them. The metadata can provide important standard information while emphasising useful details such as irregular resolutions, hardware make/model, bit rates, frame rates, listing of incomplete frames, variable frame rates, encoder used, and often neglected metadata like subtitles and GPS locations.

It can show Hex and Ascii views of proprietary data found in the file, such as MakerNote for digital camera videos as well as parsing Uncommon Headers. These headers can contain valuable information such as the original name, device used, editing software, etc.

A-DAPT is a state-of-the-art video investigative tool designed from the ground up, all processes are performed by A-DAPT using its own inbuilt data mining code. It does not use FFprobe.exe, FFmpeg.exe, or any other executables. It quickly parses files and presents detailed reports using clear charts and explanations.

Experience intuitive and effective analysis with A-DAPT’s visually engaging interface. A-DAPT employs scientifically accepted methods such as pie charts, line graphs, and spreadsheets to present complex data, eliminating the need to export information and perform manual tasks in Excel or other charting tools.

A-DAPT stands out from other software currently available due to its impressive array of features and would be a great addition to the toolbox, especially as a results comparison option.

Why Use A-DAPT?

Simply – to get at the detailed, and revealing information stored in a file’s metadata and to ensure all video content is revealed. As a self-contained, standalone tool, A-DAPT doesn’t rely on any external executables, so you can have complete confidence in the accuracy of your findings.

  1. Detailed Analysis: A-DAPT provides a thorough examination of digital media files, offering insights into their structure and content. Surfacing data that would not be visible to many existing forensic tools especially if they use FFmpeg.
  2. Efficiency: A-DAPT provides effortless usability by allowing you to easily export clips, calculate timing, screen grab with metadata, tag subjects, seamlessly view multiple camera angles within a few clicks, and much more.
  3. Ease of Understanding: The tool presents its findings in a user-friendly manner with clear charts and explanations, making it accessible for those without technical expertise in media analysis.
A-DAPT 2 - Demux

The player GUI

A-DAPT 4 - Demux

Comprehensive File Analysis Report

How A-DAPT Helps

A-DAPT comes with a unique set of features not found in current forensic software offerings such as frame by frame, multi-stream Group of Pictures (GOP) structure analysis as well as real-time video, audio and subtitle stream scrubbing.

  1. Confident Findings: It provides reliable and detailed analysis, enabling users to trust the results without needing external tools.
  2. Time-Saving: By quickly analysing and reporting on digital media files, it saves significant time in the analysis process.
  3. Better Understanding: The tool uses easy-to-read charts and straightforward explanations, helping users understand the complex details of their media files more easily.
  4. Unique Features: A-DAPT offers advanced features like frame-by-frame analysis and real-time scrubbing of video, audio, and subtitles, which are not commonly found in other forensic software, enhancing its utility in detailed media analysis.

What Can A-DAPT Do?

  • Visualise the GOP structure
  • Identify unique and copied macroblocks
  • See motion vector overlay
  • Identify Variable Frame Rates
  • Play all of the frames even if the GOP doesn’t start with an I frame.
  • Create clips
  • Tag and annotate
  • Produce detailed analysis report using easy to read charts and explanations
  • Manually Redact people and objects
  • Export frames, group of frames in an uncompressed format or png with or without metadata
  • Export video files or selections of frames as uncompressed, rewrapped or transcoded
  • Extract audio and export it separately.
  • Visualise cameras from multistream files and play in sync.
  • Export options lossy or lossless
  • Visualise metadata as part of an export.
  • See an overview of the time period covered by the files containing Time/Date data in a project.
  • Add user editable information such as date/time, camera view etc to source materials
  • Correct aspect ratio or frame rate.
  • Adjust Brightness/Contrast
  • Concatenate sources

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