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Broad Format Support

Compatibility with over 50 native DVR export file formats and cloud sources like Ring and Arlo.

Synchronised Matrix View

For efficient navigation and analysis of video evidence from same and different sources.

Case Wizard

Efficient Case Management for one piece of evidence or large complex cases with multiple sources.

Password Bypass & Recovery

Capability to access password-protected or damaged DVRs.

Comprehensive Note Taking

Collaboration is easy with Integrated note-taking feature for detailed evidence documentation.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed for ease of use, forget about having to navigate foreign and unfamiliar third-party menus for every video source.
Magenet Witness 1 - Demux


MAGNET WITNESS is an innovative digital forensics solution that specialises in recovering and analysing video evidence from DVR systems (direct from the hard drive of the DVR or files exported from a DVR) and cloud sources. Built with the foundation of the industry leading DVR Examiner, Magnet WITNESS recovers more video evidence than ever, including video from over 50 native DVR file formats plus cloud sources like Ring or Arlo.

The tool simplifies complex video analysis through its intuitive interface, providing features like a synchronised matrix viewer for easier navigation, sub-clipping for focusing on relevant footage, and comprehensive note-taking capabilities for detailed evidence documentation. Additionally, it can bypass DVR passwords and retrieve videos from damaged devices, ensuring that critical evidence is accessible even in challenging situations.


MAGNET WITNESS is used primarily by professionals in the fields of law enforcement and digital forensics. This includes police officers, detectives, forensic analysts, and digital investigation teams who require advanced tools for extracting and analysing video evidence. Users of MAGNET WITNESS may include:

  1. Law Enforcement Officers: For gathering and analysing video evidence in criminal investigations.
  2. Forensic Analysts: Specialising in retrieving data from damaged or password-protected DVRs.
  3. Digital Investigation Teams: Handling cases involving digital media from various sources.
  4. Private Security Firms: Using video evidence for internal investigations and security analysis.
  5. Legal Professionals: Leveraging video evidence for case preparation and courtroom presentations.
  6. Government Agencies: In national security, defense, and intelligence sectors for analysing surveillance footage.

Use cases vary, from solving crimes by analysing footage from crime scenes to internal security audits within corporations.

Magent Witness 2 - Demux
Magnet Witness 3 - Demux

Comprehensive File Analysis Report


Video evidence plays a crucial role in modern criminal investigations, with an estimated 80% of cases utilising such footage. The diversity of sources, ranging from DVR surveillance, body and dash cams, to doorbell and home security cameras, and even mobile phones, underscores its importance.

However, extracting and scrutinizing this evidence can be challenging without specialised tools.

Using MAGNET WITNESS offers several benefits:

  1. Efficient Analysis: Simplifies complex video analysis, easily handle video for complex cases by bringing all your video into a single investigative tool.
  2. Track Subjects and Victims: Follow subjects from source to source, and get the whole picture
  3. Organize by Location and Device: To efficiently handle complex cases spanning many sources and locations.
  4. Highlight Video Clips: Highlight clips, segments, or specific frames with items of interest and add detailed notes and reporting
  5. Collaboration: Easier review and collaboration with other stakeholders using Notes, Tags, and Bookmarks
  6. Case Wizard: Simplify the process of creating complex cases with multiple sources
  7. Intuitive workflows: That are easily understood and adopted by technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  8. Diverse Case Applications: Suitable for a variety of scenarios including criminal investigations, internal corporate security, legal case preparation, and government security analysis.


MAGNET WITNESS streamlines digital forensics by offering a unified interface for handling complex cases with multiple sources. The Case Wizard makes it easy to manage intricate cases. Its user-friendly design, consistent with other Magnet Forensics tools like Magnet AXIOM and DVR Examiner, ensures smooth navigation. WITNESS is built for intuitive workflows, accessible to both technical and non-technical users. This all-in-one interface eliminates the need to juggle various third-party software for each video source.

MAGNET WITNESS helps with innovative technology and a focus on useful features including:

  1. Comprehensive Format Recovery: Efficiently handles a wide range of video sources, from traditional DVRs to modern cloud-based devices.
  2. Download from Cloud Sources: Download in highest quality video directly from cloud sources (e.g., Ring, Arlo) with a forensically sound repeatable process.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use in high-stakes investigations.
  4. Advanced Video Analysis Tools: Facilitates detailed investigation with synchronized viewing and tagging features.
  5. Password and Damage Recovery: Ensures access to crucial evidence and data from password-protected or damaged DVRs even from secured or compromised devices.
  6. Time-Saving Interface: Designed to streamline workflow, saving valuable time in critical investigations.
Magent Witness 2 - Demux
Magent Witness 2 - Demux


Can we upgrade our existing DVR Examiner subscription to MAGNET WITNESS?

Yes, you will be provided with new licencing dongles. If you are coming up for renewal you can upgrade at that time or if you are part way through a subscription period, there is a small charge for admin and delivery costs.

Will more DVR and proprietary formats be supported?

Yes the development team will continue to support more formats as they become aware of them.

Is there a trial of MAGNET WITNESS available?

Yes, please complete the form below or call us to request a trial.

Is there training available for MAGNET WITNESS.

Yes, from Feb 2024 the DV200 course will include content relevant to WITNESS and DVR Examiner.

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