Early Case Assessment Triage Tool


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Remote scan, collection and triage

Cloud Based

Scalable and access from just a browser


Secure using forensically sound techniques


Share findings and files with colleagues


Compatible with AXIOM Cyber tools

What is IGNITE?

Magnet IGNITE is an early case assessment triage tool. A cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables quick, easy, painless, and remote scanning, gathering and evaluation of endpoint data to assess the extent of a security incident, pinpoint any malicious activities or data leaks. Then help you determine the scope and extent of any incident and choose your next steps.

A smart tool allowing you to share findings and files with colleagues, or clients using export tools, for example not simply export .csv files but also share access to collected files, RAM capture etc.

It is secure, using best practice for securing the data in the cloud, including choosing which geographic region around the world you wish to have the data stored. Being cloud based it is scalable for larger investigations, and like all Magnet products it is forensically sound. Plus, it is compatible with existing Magnet Axiom and Axiom Cyber tools.

Who Uses IGNITE?

This tool is aimed at aiding in-house SecOps or forensic service providers, who are often called in after an incident has occurred, and need to quickly triage the environment they are working in.

Access to the tool is flexible, typically a user will buy packages of scans, where a scan is anytime you run an agent against an endpoint. As Ignite is a cloud resident, SaaS based tool, you can quickly scale your environment if you must triage many endpoints , or if you need to run several separate investigations running simultaneously.

Also, as a cloud-based solution, IGNITE doesn’t require any IT support, maintenance, or hardware investment, and you access the tool via a browser – from anywhere.


The rate and magnitude of cyberattacks continues to rise unabated. Given the relentless surge in cybersecurity threats, coupled with a more dispersed workforce, it is crucial to swiftly identify and prioritize the most serious threats, guiding your immediate actions without the necessity of spending precious time and resources on exhaustive forensic investigations.

With IGNITE, you quickly pinpoint the common signs of compromise and unusual activity on endpoints, helping reduce your “Mean Time to Resolve” (MTTR). Now you can determine:


  • The locations susceptible to malicious activities
  • Instances of data being exfiltrated from an end point.
  • The possibility of departing employees leaving with crucial intellectual property.
  • Occasions where asset misuse or policy breaches have taken place.
  • Collect RAM contents as well as artifacts for incident response, network activity, files logs and more.

How IGNITE Helps

Quickly Get Forensic Insight

  1. Quickly access forensic insights that help reduce your “Mean Time To Resolve” (MTTR).
  2. Acquire artifacts from RAM and drives to get a complete picture of the incident.
  3. Equip the broader SecOps team with the tools to assess the scope of incidents.

Scale When You Need It

  1. Access from anywhere, at any time.
  2. Scale your use of IGNITE as required for your investigations.
  3. Remotely scan endpoints around the globe.

Surface Indicators of Compromise

  1. Scan with custom or included YARA rules to identify the latest threats.
  2. Apply keyword searches and time filters to zero in on the evidence required for your case.
  3. Export a Magnet Forensics MFDB to continue your investigation in AXIOM Cyber.

Access for the Team

  1. Easily manage access to your corporate account and users.
  2. Monitor credit usage and balance.

External Threats

  • Understand the extent and scope of an attack by remotely triaging endpoints to find malicious files and other IOCs.
  • Quickly gather insight from both memory and physical drives to get a complete picture of the incident.
  • Determine if and where a full forensic analysis is required.
  • Equip the broader SecOps team with tools to assess the scope of incidents and facilitate hand-off to DFIR teams with triage data.

Internal Threats

  • Quickly determine if data has been exfiltrated from an endpoint.
  • Know whether outbound employees have taken valuable IP.
  • Identify asset misuse or policy violations.

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