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CaseGuard Studio FAQs

What is CaseGuard Studio?

  • CaseGuard Studio is an all-in-one redaction software available for Windows. With six versatile modes, it simplifies the automatic redaction, transcription, and translation of your files, including video, audio, images, and PDFs. It’s designed to handle complex media, making it effortless to safeguard sensitive data.

Who can use CaseGuard?

  • CaseGuard is accessible to everyone. It caters to various industries and departments, including but not limited to law enforcement, healthcare, and media organizations.

How do I install CaseGuard?

  • Installing CaseGuard Studio is a breeze. Upon purchasing, you’ll receive an email with a download link. One click is all it takes to download and install the software.

Is CaseGuard Studio compatible with Windows, Linux, and/or Mac operating systems?

  • CaseGuard Studio is compatible only with Windows. However, if you run a Windows virtual machine on your Mac or Linux system, you can use CaseGuard within that environment. Importantly, CaseGuard functions offline, ensuring data privacy.

Does CaseGuard support multiple languages?

  • Absolutely. CaseGuard fully supports 28 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Arabic, with more languages continually added.

How is CaseGuard better than other products?

  • CaseGuard stands out as an all-in-one redaction software capable of handling various file types, including video, audio, images, and PDFs. Many other products offer limited redaction capabilities, like only redacting video and not redacting audio as well. CaseGuard makes it easy to automatically – Redact, Transcribe and Translate.

What are CaseGuard Studio’s hardware recommendations?

  • While CaseGuard runs on any Windows machine, while there are no distinct minimum requirements we recommend a robust graphics card for enhanced processing speed, especially when handling videos.

Does CaseGuard support Credit Card Redaction in Video, Audio, Emails, and PDF?

  • Yes. With the Premium license, you gain access to all redaction capabilities, including the effective redaction of credit card information within various assets. And, you can redact credit card information in bulk.

Does CaseGuard support the redaction of screens like MDT*/MDC*/Laptops and efficient redaction of audio containing PII?

  • Indeed. CaseGuard uses an AI automatic redaction tool to redact all screens, computers, phones, and in-car laptops. Its advanced audio analytics detect sensitive information like social security numbers, names etc, enabling efficient and accurate redaction.
    *A mobile data terminal (MDT) or mobile digital computer (MDC) is a computerised device used by emergency services, public transport, taxicabs, package delivery, roadside assistance, and logistics, among other fields, to communicate with a central dispatcher.

What can the redaction software, CaseGuard Studio, do other than video, audio, PDF, and image redaction?

  • CaseGuard can transcribe audio in 31 languages. And it can do this live – with transcripts available in seconds! Making your audio and video searchable and editable. Making your computer a professional editing machine that can enhance video and images and focus attention on specific objects.

What is the difference between individual and “bulk” PDF redaction?

  • For PDF redaction, you can choose to redact files individually or use our unique bulk processing feature to apply multiple operations on multiple files simultaneously. This feature includes OCR, anonymisation, AI PII text detection, and more.

Is there a limit to the number of files I can redact using CaseGuard?

  • No, there are no limits on the quantity or duration of videos and audio files you can redact using CaseGuard. However, there are limits on automatic transcription (240 hours / year) and transcription & translation (48000 pages / year). You have the option to add more hours / pages if these quantities are used up.

Can CaseGuard Studio perform automatic audio transcription?

  • Yes, CaseGuard Studio can automatically transcribe audio from video and audio files to text in multiple languages.

Is CaseGuard Studio redaction software a cloud-based or local application?

  • CaseGuard Studio is a local application installed on your organization’s own computers, ensuring data remains within your environment. All redaction operations happen on your own computers.

Can I use my CaseGuard license and CaseGuard Studio redaction software in an offline mode?

  • Yes, both your CaseGuard license and the software can be used offline, even without an internet connection. However transcription and translation is only available with the software in online mode.

What types of files are supported in CaseGuard redaction software?

  • CaseGuard supports various video, audio, image, raw image, document, and email file extensions. There are no limitations on the types of files it can process.
    • Video extensions: .mp4 .avi .mpg .mov .mkv .fiv .3gp .wmv.ts .asf .vob .mts .webm .m4v .dol
    • Audio extensions: .mp3 .wav .dss .m4a .wma .flac .ac3 .vox
    • Image extensions: .jpg .jpeg .tif .png; bmp .wmf .exif .tiff
    • Raw image extensions: .git .heic .nef .cr2 .jp2 .psd .crw .orf .dng
    • Document File Extensions: .pdf .doc .docx .ppt .pptx .pps .ppsx .xis .xisx .csv .emt .msg .txt
    • Email File Extensions: .emi .msg

We want video redaction options that are locally hosted for our BWC and Dashcams. Is CaseGuard locally hosted?

  • Yes, CaseGuard is a locally hosted solution, ensuring your data remains secure.

We are looking for standalone redaction software that is not connected to the cloud or handled by a third party.

  • CaseGuard is a local software solution, providing complete data security without any cloud-based or third-party involvement.

When using CaseGuard for email redaction, do our emails go to your servers?

  • If so, how is it secured? CaseGuard operates locally on your machine, and your data privacy is maintained. Emails and attachments can be added without compromising security.

Who stores the data for my projects?

  • You do, you have control over your data and projects and where you store the projects and files. CaseGuard does not access your data; it remains within your organization’s computer and files.

Is my data private and safe?

  • Yes, CaseGuard Studio is a local application installed on your organization’s computer, ensuring data privacy. Employees of CaseGuard cannot access your data or files.

Is any information retrievable from a file after it’s been redacted in CaseGuard?

  • Redacted data is permanently removed from the file, once redacted there is no way back – the redacted data has gone! Thus ensuring complete data security.

Is it possible to include different subscription plans in a single purchase?

  • You have the flexibility to mix and match licenses based on your team’s needs.

Is it possible for multiple people to use a single CaseGuard license simultaneously?

  • Our licenses are concurrent, so multiple users can access CaseGuard at different times. You can have multiple licences if you need multiple users to use CaseGuard at the same time.

How does the month-to-month payment plan work?

  • The month-to-month plan is suitable for short-term projects and offers flexibility for pausing and reactivating your usage.

What plan is the best choice for me?

The best plan depends on your specific needs, whether it’s Lite, Standard, Premium, or Doc, each tailored to different use cases.

  • Lite Plan: Lite is an excellent choice for basic video and audio redaction needs. It offers efficient automation, ensuring that you can quickly and accurately redact content, making it suitable for responding to records requests and more.
  • Standard Plan: The Standard plan is tailored for organizations regularly handling the redaction of personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive data from video, audio, PDFs, or images. This plan is ideal for tasks related to evidence collection, FOIA requests, or general records requests.
  • Premium Plan: The Premium plan is the ultimate solution for organizations with intensive audio and video workloads, such as law enforcement, hospitals, public safety agencies, financial institutions, media institutions, and call centres. It’s the exclusive plan that offers automatic transcription and translation capabilities. Powered by advanced AI, it employs automatic speech recognition to swiftly convert audio into text, enabling automatic transcription and translation in up to 31 languages. This plan is perfect for those who frequently need to transcribe audio or video files.
  • Doc Plan: Designed for professionals focusing on PDF and image redaction, the Doc plan features a streamlined document redaction toolset that allows you to efficiently redact any PDF or image. It’s particularly adept at applying powerful pattern redaction techniques to remove identifying data from your documents quickly. This plan is an excellent choice if your primary focus is on document redaction, without the need for audio or video redaction.

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

  • Yes, you can cancel your account plan at any time, but be aware that you won’t be able to edit or export unfinished redaction projects after cancellation.

Can I change my plan later?

  • Yes, you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your evolving requirements.

Do you offer any volume discounts?

How does CaseGuard’s pricing work?

Can I trial CaseGuard before paying?

  • Yes, you can test CaseGuard for 7 days, with the option to purchase a plan to unlock all features – complete the form on the CaseGuard Studio page to request your trial.

Will I be charged when the trial period is over?

  • No, you have the choice to purchase a subscription; there are no automatic charges.

What happens to my projects if I cancel my paid subscription?

  • You can access previously processed files but won’t be able to edit them after cancelling your subscription.

Do you offer 24/7 customer support service?

  • Yes, we provide customer support during regular business hours and offer 24/7 support options at additional cost for clients who require around-the-clock assistance.

What training options does CaseGuard offer?

  • CaseGuard offers both online and in-person training options. Our training curriculum covers the following topics:
    • What redaction is and its significance.
    • Redaction principles and their application in CaseGuard.
    • How to leverage CaseGuard’s redaction and editing features.
    • Organizing redaction projects within CaseGuard.
    • Redaction of various file types.
    • Best practices for redaction and editing workflows.
    • File processing tips.
    • Configuring reports in CaseGuard.
    • Tailoring practices to your organisation’s specific needs.
    • Utilizing CaseGuard’s resources for effective redaction.
  • In preparation for your training, a specialist will discuss your redaction requirements and design a module tailored to your needs. Some example modules we’ve provided include:
    • Best practices for redacting body camera footage, particularly in low-light conditions.
    • Captioning video and audio.
    • Editing transcripts generated by CaseGuard.
    • Redacting protected health information within CaseGuard.
    • Setting up CaseGuard for collaborative use.
    • Using audio analysis and analytics for bulk redaction.
    • Streamlining batch processing for your team.
    • Translating audio and video content.

Take a look at our training pages for available training or contact us for more.

Does CaseGuard Studio require a server to work?

  • No, CaseGuard Studio can run on any Windows desktop or laptop. However, it can also be installed on a Windows server if your organization prefers that setup.

What happens to my original files when I add them to CaseGuard?

  • When you import files into CaseGuard, a copy of your original file is created within your CaseGuard project. This copy is used for redaction, while your original file remains untouched and in its original location.

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