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DVR Examiner V3 Changelog

DVR Examiner Version 3.1.5 Released 2022-04-25

New Features:

  • Implemented Stream filesystem family variant Stream_db_I_e4. (work item 17368)
  • Updated logos, icons, and company references within the application to Magnet Forensics. (work item 16874)

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed issue exporting certain clips in AVI format from PSF filesystems. (work item 16634)
  • Updated detections for Stream filesystems to address issues with preview and export of certain clips. (work item 16637)
  • Addressed issue with certain clips containing extraneous data when exporting in native format from DHFS_41 filesystems. (work item 16602, 16633)
  • Addressed issue where certain failed clips were not being reported on the export report for DHFS_41 filesystems. (work item 16633)
  • Addressed error when attempting to export a large number of clips from the clip list with RSF4_L filesystems. (work item 16639)
  • Addressed issue with certain clips from FIL_ASfm filesystems, exported as AVI files, playing back at an accelerated rate. (work item 11013)
  • Addressed issue with certain clips previewing and exporting partial images from HIK filesystems. (work item 11047)
  • Addressed issue returning certain clips from inaccessible scans of HIK filesystems. (work items 16642, 17317)
DVR Examiner Version 3.1.3 Released 2022-02-24

New Features:

  • Implemented ATS160037 as filesystem QVFS, commonly found in Rekor HD, VIDEOSTAR, OYN-X and InVid Tech branded DVRs. (work item 9056)
  • Updated frame type format for current frame when using preview function. (work item 10742)
  • Updated custom fields manager to only display available data types when selecting default values. (work item 10755)

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed issue returning certain clips with short durations during inaccessible scan in Magic family (H2MB_dc, blue_dc, NVR_dc) filesystems. (work item 10601)
  • Addressed issue attempting to export a source that has become unavailable. (work item 10901)
  • Addressed high memory usage when scanning certain PSF filesystems. (work item 11051)
  • Addressed issue when attempting to add additional sources to a case when using a trial key. (work item 10893)
  • Addressed issue displaying the proper tab when attempting to undo changes. (work item 10866)
  • Addressed issue displaying user defined date and time settings throughout the application. (work item 10906)
  • Addressed unhandled exception error when attempting to scan certain stream_db_rr_ac_E4 filesystems. (work items 10764, 11010)
  • Addressed issue reporting status of certain failed clips during export jobs. (work item 11083)
  • Addressed issue exporting with certain Argus_JPG filesystems. (work item 11046)
  • Updated hierarchy display issue in the case explorer when adding items to a case. (work item 11033)
  • Addressed issue when modifying custom fields files in saved cases. (work item 11038)
  • Updated clip sort order in clip list report to reflect clip list sort order in application. (work item 10902)
  • Updated case name field in case details to allow no characters when field is active. (work item 10959)
DVR Examiner Version 3.1.2 Released 2022-02-08

New Features:

  • Added additional details included in Profiler Reports, including:
    • Identification of segmented files
    • DVR version number
    • Text field to include notes on your specific DVR
  • Updated error message when attempting to ‘Save’ or ‘Save As’ a case during an in-progress job.
  • Update workflow so that you can close the Export tab when an Export job is in progress without cancelling the Export. Added the ability to create and save custom fields throughout the application as well as reports.
  • Added the ability to create and save customized application layouts to configure the display based on how you work with DVR Examiner.
  • Added confirmation when closing preview and gallery preview tabs to prevent accidently closing the tab.
  • Included checkboxes within ‘Generate Reports’ and ‘Export’ screens for ease of use.
  • Added ability to include thumbnails in Export Report without first performing ‘Get Video Properties’ job.
  • Separated ‘Video Properties’ and ‘Export Media’ jobs from Post Scan Jobs menu.
  • Removed checkbox selection column from the Clip List.
  • Updated Welcome Screen labels for more intuitive startup experience.
  • Updated Date/Time Offset Manager layout.
  • Added option to carbon copy (cc) an email address when submitting in-application feedback.
  • Updated names of filesystem variants 20D_Slave and 60D_Slave to 20D_Secondary and 60D_Secondary.

Bug fixes:

  • Addressed an issue with previewing and exporting certain clips in RSF4_L filesystems (Bug 9422, 9444).
  • Addressed an issue generating certain clips during both accessible and inaccessible scans for RSF filesystems (Bug 10841, 10759).
  • Addressed an issue properly detecting certain DHFS_41 hard drives (Bug 10903).
  • Addressed an issue previewing and exporting clips in certain Stream filesystems (Bug 10595).
  • Addressed an issue causing DVR Examiner to crash when generating certain profiler reports (Bug 10674).
  • Addressed an issue with profiler reports not containing the detected filesystem name (Bug 10588).
  • Addressed an issue exporting certain clips in H2MB_dc filesystems (Bug 10731).

Known issues:

  • Inaccessible Scan is currently unavailable for HIKfat and HIKfat_EHOME filesystems.
DVR Examiner Version 3.1.0 Released 2021-11-16
New Features:

  • Implemented ATS160054 as filesystem variant PSF_MSBF, commonly found in certain Nuvico Easynet branded DVR’s. (work item 8834)
  • Implemented ability to save case and export files to network locations. (work item 9164)
  • Refactored HIK filesystem to improve overall performance. (work item 9322)
  • Added new case summary report. (work item 4600)
  • Added new detection report. (work item 9645)
  • Added new gallery report. (work item 4599)
  • Updated clip list report design. (work item 4598)
  • Updated audit log report design. (work item 4601)
  • Updated export report design. (work item 4597)
  • Reports added as a job in case explorer and case explorer details. (work item 9739)
  • Added new report generator in tools. (work item 9373)
  • Added new reports defualts feature in settings. (work item 9413)
  • Added new export defaults feature in settings. (work item 9414)
  • Added new agency defaults feature in settings. (work item 10080)
  • Updated reports generated in Excel to output in table format. (work items 4598, 4601, 4597)
  • Updated application to reflect DME/Magnet branding. (work item 9757)
  • Added the ability to move the location of a source file. (work item 9740)
  • Updated user experience program enrollment. (work items 9713, 10116)
  • Updated end user license agreement (EULA). (Work item 9759)
  • Updated timespan offset button description in date/time offset manager. (work tem 9716)
  • Updated user notification for non-valid case files. (work item 10132)
  • Added the option to run or cancel export report upon cancelling export job. (work item 10220)
  • Added in-application feedback feature in help menu. (work item 9702)

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed issue with undocking tabs making modals unresponsive. (work item 9565)
  • Addressed issue with case details being recorded in the audit log. (work item 9507)
  • Addressed issue retrieving initial frames from certain clips in RSF4_L filesystems. (work item 9544)
  • Addressed issue retrieving partial frames from certain clips in SHFL filesystems. (work items 9500, 9764, 9762)
  • Addressed issue using jump back control when previewing certain clips in IDENT_E4 filesystems. (work item 9142)
  • Addressed issue with export of certain clips with some HIK filesystems. (work items 9178, 8877)
  • Addressed issue with source ID reporting with certain DHFS_41 filesystems. (work item 10226)
  • Addressed issue with export and preview of certain clips in some RSF4_L filesystems. (work item 9422)
  • Addressed issue reporting negative channel numbers fr certain clips in some RE4_MPEG filesystems. (work item 9509)

Known Issues:

  • Case summary report does not display images of devices when images are included in the case. (work item 10465)
  • Issue de-selecting auto scroll of clip list during export. (work item 10466)
  • Applied clip list column filters are removed if a individual clip offset is applied. (work item 10320)
DVR Examiner Version 3.0.7 Released 2021-08-30
Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed issue where Fil_Asfm filesystem is not correctly finding timestamps. (work item 9695)
  • Addressed issue where overwritten clips were appearing in the cliplist for RSF filesystems. (work item 9431)
  • Addressed issue previewing and exporting certain clips in RSF filesystems. (work items 9422, 9444, 9447, 9448)
  • Addressed issue with pausing an active scan job with many small clips in RSF filesystems. (work item 9385)
DVR Examiner Version 3.0.6 Released 2021-08-02
  • Addressed issue with clips being added to clip list during certain scan job circumstances. (work item 9387)
DVR Examiner Version 3.0.5 Released 2021-07-27
New Features:

  • Implemented ATS190014 to detect as Jesmay filesystem. Commonly found in certain Wire Path brand DVR’s (work item 9024)
  • Implemented ATS210003 as RSF4_Fat, commonly found in various unbranded DVR’s. (work item 9107)
  • Refactored RSF family of filesystems to improve overall performance. (work items 8717, 8518, 8878)
  • Refactored PSF family of filesystems to improve overall performance. (work item 5956)
  • Updated notifications and workflow when destination drive has insufficient capacity for completion of export job. (work items 9060, 8968)
  • Updated application settings to check for application updates at startup by default (work item 9030)

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed issue with Enterprise Server log-in. (work item 8936)
  • Addressed issue with identifying the end of DHFS JPEG frames. (work item 8185, 9068)
  • Addressed issue with identifying clip sizes for filesystem strem_db_rr_ac_E4. (work item 9004)
  • Addressed unhandled exception error when exporting certain stream_db_rr_ac_E4 files. (work item 8948)
  • Addressed scan issue with Stream_DB_RR filesystems (work item 8891)
  • Addressed issue when performing tasks during an in progress scan job. (work items 9061, 9050)
  • Addressed issue recognizing certain segmented E01 files. (work items 9069, 9025)
  • Update error notifications for unknown clip sizes. (work item 9052, 9053)
  • Addressed issue with incorrect error notification when adding a new source to a new case from case explorer. (work item 9017)
  • Addressed artifacting on some Box_WH filesystem clips when previewing. (work items 3728, 8974)
  • Addressed clip list filter indicator not active when filter is set. (work item 8967)
  • Addressed issue with initiating a preview from clip list details panel. (work item 8963)
  • Addressed issue with exporting empty clips from the cliplist. (work item 9008)
  • Addressed issue with manually saving case during a case autosave.(work item 8678)
  • Addressed issue with entering incident details to an existing case. (work items 8954, 8955)
  • Addressed issue with null reference exception when scanning JPEG files. (work item 9101)
  • Addressed issue with user guide PDF diplaying within the application. (work item 8826)
  • Addressed issue with preview and export of certain SHFL filesystem clips. (work item 8976)
  • Addressed issue with preview of certain SHFL filesystem clips on the proper channel. (work item 9111)
  • Addressed issue with negative value being returned for certain SHFL filesystem frames. (work item 9040)
  • Addressed issue with using backspace when updating case name. (work item 9048)
  • Addressed issue with preview of certain Box_264 clips. (work item 3728)
  • Addressed issue with error handling for height and width on certian clips (work item 8185)
  • Addressed error when previewing a clip during a scan job. (work item 8893)
  • Addressed issue with links not working properly in export reports that have been copied or moved to different computer. (work item 8939)
  • Addressed issue with inaccessible scans in certain WFS filesystems. (work item 9302)
  • Addressed issue with clip frame sizes in certian clips in WFS filesystems. (work item 9106)
  • Addressed issue with preview jump back control. (work item 9142)
DVR Examiner Version 3.0.4 Released 2021-06-08
Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed an issue with auto saved cases found in release 3.0.3.
DVR Examiner Version 3.0.3 Released 2021-06-08
New Features:

  • Implemented RFS2 (ATS170086), commonly found in certain Samsung DVR’s, and added to the RFS family of filesystems.
  • Implemented Pictman_disksiz (ATS170070), commonly found in certain Q-See DVR’s, and added to the Pictman family of filesystems.
  • Refactored WFS family of filesystems to improve overall performance.
  • Refactored Stream family of filesystems to improve overall performance.
  • Refactored RFS family of filesystems to improve overall performance.
  • Updated notification of unavailable sources at opening of case file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed installation error in log when opening a file by double clicking on file.
  • Addressed issue when attempting to open empty source files.
  • Addressed issue with filesystem IIDX adding unplayable clips to clip list.
  • Addressed issue with filesystem no_efi previewing large clips.
  • Addressed issue saving large saved cases (exceeding 2GiB).
  • Addressed issue with multi-channel time/date filtering.
  • Updated ignore indexes advanced feature to auto select inaccessible scan type when selected. The following known issue(s) were closed in this release because they were found to be due to a specific set of data or circumstance that does not affect the general userbase:
  • Known issue related to detection of Mirage_HiSi filesystems.
DVR Examiner Version 3.0.2 Released 2021-05-13
  • Addressed issue reading segmented raw image sources.
  • Addressed issue accessing physical disks on machines where DVR Examiner had not been previously installed.

New Features:

  • Improved case save features: * Added “save as” feature * Added the ability to choose a default case folder upon initial scan * Added case folder path link in case details
  • Refactored the Stream family of filesystems to address issues and improve overall performance.
  • Implementation of Jesmay filesystem commonly found in Digital View and unbranded DVR’s.

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed known issue with small clips. Clips less than 256KB with no playable video will be excluded during scan. This restores the same behavior as prior 2.x releases.
  • Addressed known issue with detection of BOX_WH filesystems.
  • Addressed enterprise server licensing issues.
  • Addressed issue with the display of the total number of clips in specific circumstances.
  • Addressed issue with filesystem FIL_ASfm not displaying clips in the clip list correctly. The following known issue(s) were closed in this release because they were found to be due to a specific set of data or circumstance that does not affect the general userbase:
  • Known issue related to detection of Mirage_HiSi filesystems.
DVR Examiner Version 3.0.1 Released 2021-04-22
Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed issue reading segmented raw image sources.
  • Addressed issue accessing physical disks on machines where DVR Examiner had not been previously installed.
DVR Examiner Version 3.0.0 Released 2021-03-30
New Features:

  • Ability to include multiple sources in a single case.
  • Completely new user interface and user experience (UI/UX).
  • Improved case management, with the ability to create an entire case file within DVR Examiner, or bypass this option to quickly scan and export.
  • Expanded options for adding case and incident details.
  • Ability to add information for multiple locations and multiple devices.
  • New autosave feature which automatically saves case to the folder location selected.
  • New case explorer panel that includes drag and drop case hierarchy and right-click “quick add” feature for adding case components.
  • New case explorer details panel that includes information on job status, completed jobs, sources, supported source features and all case components.
  • New case summary tab for viewing case details, statistics and audit logs.
  • Redesigned clip list with capacity to support multiple sources.
  • New clip list filters with options to filter by date and time and/or clip attributes.
  • New clip list features for searching by clip ID, sorting by column, selecting and exporting clips.
  • Expanded options for including clip notes and tags.
  • Enhanced clip preview and gallery preview (frame by frame). New options and tools that include: case folder location selection, logo selection, gallery preview interval settings, logging options and licensing information.
  • New user’s manual with expanded search and video examples.
  • New architecture provides faster overall performance. Implementation of filesystem identified as SHFL commonly found in Provision branded and many unbranded DVRs.
  • Implementation of filesystem identified as A5 commonly found in Honeywell branded and many unbranded DVRs.
  • Implementation of filesystem variant DMD_0. Variant of DMD filesystem.

Known Issues:

  • Filesystems Mirage HiSi and Box_WH may not detect in current version.
  • Please contact DME Technical Support if you encounter this issue. Small clips (< 256 KB) which were excluded during scan in prior versions, because they do not contain playable video, may not be excluded in the current version.
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