Create and hold secure interviews with anyone, anywhere and on any device with the confidence that the content can always be proven to be authentic.


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Silent Observers

Improve your interviews with Silent Observers. Invite individuals or teams to observe and contribute to the interview process without participants being aware.

Bookmarking and Annotation

Create key point bookmarks and provide the ability for the interviewer or investigation teams to annotate them to enable jumping straight to the most relevant information.

Evidentially Secure

Your video interview data is transmitted and stored with the highest levels of encryption and is manged to NIST and CJIS* standards (*USA).

Automatic Transcription

Save hours of time by automatically creating time coded, named entry, speech to text transcription of the video interview – available immediately at the end (Supports 96 different languages).

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What is MeaConnexus?

Tamper evident remote video interviewing.

MeaConnexus is your ultimate solution for tamper-evident remote video interviewing, designed to meet the highest standards of information security and evidential integrity.

Similar to popular platforms like Zoom, MeaConnexus offers a seamless and secure experience for both interviewers and interviewees.

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Key Features

  • Easy Access for Interviewees: Interviewees simply need an internet connection and a device with a front camera. They receive a link to join the interview and can only see the interviewer during the session.
  • Silent Observers: Interviewers can have multiple silent observers watching the interview. These observers can send the interviewer questions, requests for clarification, and other feedback in real-time without disrupting the flow of the interview.
  • Secure Recording and Storage: At the conclusion of the interview, the recording file is hashed and securely stored in the cloud. This ensures that all recordings are kept safe and tamper-proof.
  • Automatic Transcription and Translation: MeaConnexus automatically transcribes the interview recording. If needed, it can also translate the transcript, making it accessible for multilingual teams.

MeaConnexus simplifies the remote interview process, ensuring a professional, secure, and compliant experience for all parties involved.

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Increase Productivity

Instantly create and share meeting links to securely connect with users.

Improve Public Perception

Reduce investigation times and respond to victims faster with online face to face contact.

Reduce Backlog

Reducing travel time allows teams to conduct more remote interviews per day.

Meet Sustainability Targets

Reduce carbon output through reducing travel substantially and help to meet your organisational sustainability targets.

Reduce Frustration

Access, retrieve and manage interview data as an individual or in groups through a simple, easy to use interface.

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