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Medex Solutions for Both Online & Offline Use

Understanding the requirement for flexibility, the team at Medex Forensics offer access to Medex’s technology through a diverse number of solutions – including offline operation through their new dongle.


Does not retain any submitted files

User Friendly

Intuitive. Simple drag, drop and discover

Video Authentication

Evaluate and report on every file

Video Source

Know where a video came from

Individual Recovery

Obtain singular video of interest

What is Medex?

Medex is a patent-pending, new approach to examining video files that provides investigators and prosecutors new insight into digital video. Its novel methodology helps answer questions about authenticity and file manipulation, as well as generational provenance, all from a singular video file.

Medex not only supports the analysis of cell phone, camcorder, or CCTV video, but can also examine video from a wide variety of cloud-based and streaming video services, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

As a non-content video forensic tool, a Medex analysis is not affected by poor (or very good) video quality, making it a viable solution in examining all types of video from camera originals, to DVRs, to deepfakes.

Secure & User Friendly

An intuitive, web-based interface, Medex is as simple as drag, drop, and discover.

Concerned about security? Medex is hosted on AWS GovCloud CJIS compliant infrastructure and does not retain or playback any submitted video files.

Medex Forensics is careful to ensure the integrity and authenticity of digital evidence processing to ensure our output can be trusted. We compute and store a forensic fingerprint of each evidence file we receive using an industry standard SHA hash function. We compute and validate this hash before and after upload to ensure no changes occurred during transmission to Medex.

Add Medex to your forensic toolkit

Video Authentication
Has this video been manipulated? Medex employs a series of proprietary testing algorithms to evaluate every file and report any potential manipulation or authenticity issues. Medex’s approach to evaluating manipulation is not tied to video content, but rather to a file’s internal structure; in other words, no matter how real the video looks, it can still be effectively evaluated.

Video Source and Generation Identification
Where did this video come from? How did it arrive on this device? Medex reveals the history of a video file’s lifespan. From the device that created it to how it arrived on your doorstep, Medex can identify the various devices, models, and software programs (including video editing tools) that the file passed through. Medex has been proven effective on video files from cell phones, camcorders, CCTV systems, and the cloud, only using a singular video file for analysis.

Individual Video Recovery
How do I obtain this singular video? Patrol officers and investigators are often tasked with obtaining a singular video of interest from a witness or victim’s cell phone. Do they take the phone for forensic analysis, depriving the owner of their phone for days, or do they have the victim/witness email the file directly to them, potentially opening an avenue to challenge authenticity? With Medex, singular files can be transmitted (email, DropBox, Google Drive, file sharing platform, etc.), evaluated for manipulation, and tied to a source model with specific attributes, thereby offering an alternative to forensically acquiring the entirety of a device when only a single video is sought.

“Demux background and expertise in this field has provided me with the material to effectively investigate the offences and will reduce the time required to interview witnesses and suspects.”

Detective D. B.

Economic Crime Unit, City of London Police

Every Case Starts Off as a Research Project

What system recorded this file?
Am I dealing with original evidence?

Video analysts know that having information about the recording system and evidence files can be the key to success, although obtaining this information can be difficult if the video was retrieved by someone else. Medex will help to quickly answer these questions, allowing the analyst to gain insight into the files in front of them.

Use Cases
  • ICAC/CSAM Investigations
  • Nonconsensual Image Sharing (revenge porn) Investigations
  • Copy single (or multiple) cell phone video files without the need to acquire the entire device
  • Authenticating videos obtained from unknown sources (e.g., anonymous tips)
  • Downloading social media video
  • Identifying deepfake videos

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