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CaseGuard Studio Changelog

Version 9.3.3 - Released 05-06-24

Update size: 4.01 MB


  • Enhanced CPU detection performance by 400%.
  • Enhanced Al detection false positive results.
  • Enhance Spanish and other languages CaseGuard interface.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed close captions save problem.
  • Various bug fixes in Video, Audio, Image, and Document Redaction Features.
Version 9.3.1
  • Added functionality to perform all video and audio functions in one Bulk Operation.
  • Added automatic text detection and redaction for videos and images (e.g. house numbers).
  • Introduced manual and automatic redaction for Text Files (.txt).
  • Added 50 new transcription languages.
  • Added 40 new translation languages.
  • Introduced unlimited AI Analysis on documents at no cost through our local AI analytics model (Beta version).
  • Introduced the ability to ‘Move’ words and sentences between speakers within the transcription.
  • Added the feature to delete individual images from an Album.
  • Implemented auto brightness and sepia effects for videos and images.
  • Introduced two new high-contrast studio themes for increased accessibility.
  • Enabled transcription of speech from each channel separately.
  • Create and apply a custom “Find and Redact’ list of PII (names, emails, etc) to be redacted on thousands of audio files in one Bulk Operation.
  • Added industry-standard pre-defined Find & Redact lists (e.g. list of PII from court records and medical forms).
  • Enabled ‘Grouping’ of same words/phrases by count using AI Analytics in documents.
    Enhanced Object Tracking for quicker workflow.
  • Moved the manual document redaction option from the toolbar to right click context menu, making it faster and easier to add redaction boxes in Find & Redact mode
  • Enhanced object classification to more accurately group similar detected objects.
  • Enabled the use of (Ctrl + G) on your keyboard to jump to any position in your video, audio, album, document, and text files.
  • Made Merge Operations available within Tools in the left toolbar for a quicker workflow.
  • Increased the drawing speed for redaction boxes in high-resolution videos and images.
  • Enhanced the “Remove Flickering” function.
  • Introduced a new and enhanced AI detection, Bulk, and Watcher design.
  • Implemented various bug fixes in Video, Audio, Image, and Document Redaction Features to enhance software performance.
Version 9.2.0
  • Brought back the popular Object Tracking feature, this time with advanced AI to search for any object on the screen. Draw and play to track.
  • Added Redaction Reason on a project level and on a file level, along with privilege logs.
  • Added multiple Redaction Reasons per any object/redaction box.
  • Added the ability to search documents using multiple ‘Find & Redact’ Lists at once.
  • Added support for ‘Find & Redact’ lists in Audio transcription.
  • Added search and sort features to the Project Files panel (sort by file name, date, type, and size).
  • Added an option to print redaction tags on exported documents.
  • Added a new dockable and user-friendly left toolbar.
  • Added the ability to import multiple PST files at once with options to import different attachments, split imported files, and more.
  • Download social media files from YouTube, Vimeo, and Rumble directly into CaseGuard.
  • Enhanced Software Design for better user experience.
  • Enhanced document page management, speed, and operations.
  • Enhanced CaseGuard media player’s functionality, speed, and user responsiveness.
  • Various bug fixes in Video, Audio, Image, and Document Redaction Features.