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Portable Digital Video Capture Tool


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Omnivore - The Portable Digital Video Capture Tool

Now with FFMPG Convert, Probe and Play

Omnivore is no longer only for forensically sound screen capture. You can now open files not captured with Omnivore and process them in various ways. I-Frames only, images, batch processing, etc. And get a various report.

In the office or in the field, Omnivore is a must have tool for anyone viewing or processing digital video evidence.

New USB3 64GB Drives

Designed specifically for the purpose of forensic video processing, Omnivore™ is a password protected 64GB USB drive that contains specialized video capture and processing software that enables all levels of users to easily process their video, image and audio evidence so you can do future clarification and analysis or export to distribution formats for courts.

Omnivore Features Summary

  • Omnivore Capture Software
  • Now with FFMPG Convert, Probe and Play
  • Batch Processing
  • Export Multiple Formats in one pass ( I-frames, MOV and images into separate folders
  • Trim, Change Dimensions and frame rate on Export
  • Preview a time code overlay over video
  • Overlay a frame counter on export of images or video
  • USB 3.0 drives with 64GB storage
  • Save User Preferences (Multi-User Support)
  • Time/Sync Tab -Passive and Active Clock Modes
  • DVR Recovery Worksheet added to help section
  • Language Support for Spanish, Portuguese, German, French

Why Would You Need a Portable Video Capture Tool?

Take Your Tools Where You Need Them – No Installation Required

The Omnivore capture software operates directly from the Omnivore Drive allowing you too easily move between systems, both in the office or in the field… No additional licenses, installation or unlock codes required.

Active Audio Sync™ – Capture Audio & Video that Remains In-Sync

Omnivore Active Audio Sync is a first of its kind technology designed specifically to help investigators collect and process low frame rate video that has associated audio. With AAC, your video and audio remain in sync and play back at the proper speed … even with low frame rate and changing frame rate videos.

Outfit Your Entire Unit – Multi Drive Discounts Available

Outfit your First Responders with the Omnivore Portable Digital Video Acquisition tool, so your evidence collection in the field follows the same forensically sound process as what you do in the office.

System Requirements

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 with USB 2.0 or higher

What's Included in Omnivore?

  • Omnivore Drive USB 3.0 64GB Drive with password protected secure partition, specialized Omnivore capture software, Omnivore Viewer
  • 1 Year phone support and software updates
  • Utilities CD: Omnivore Manager, Product Guide and Omnivore Overview Video
  • Carrying Case

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