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Video Redaction

Detects and redact faces, license plates, screens, people, papers

Audio Redaction

Mute, Bleep and resample audio with one click

Document Redaction

Protect classified data. Find and remove sensitive data like phone numbers, NI Numbers, ID’s

Image Redaction

Automatically redact faces, license plates, screens, people, papers

Bulk Redaction

Redact thousands of images, emails and pages. Hours of audio and video with a few clicks

Transcription & Translation

Decipher speech in 31 languages from audio and video. Create transcript and use it to search and redact audio

CaseGuard – The best way to redact video, audio and documents

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What is CaseGuard Studio?

Video Redaction Software, an all-in-one redaction software tool available on Windows. Its six modes make automatically redacting, transcribing, and translating all your files simple and fast. Designed to handle complex video, audio, images, emails, and PDFs, CaseGuard makes it easy for you to automatically redact, transcribe, and translate sensitive data quickly and easily.

Whether you’re redacting a single item or multiple elements, CaseGuard takes care of it all, quickly and efficiently. Effortlessly blur faces, license plates, documents, vehicles, individuals, and screens in all types of footage. And CaseGuard is versatile, compatible with open-source video formats , delivering precise redactions that not only save you time but also your budget.

See the FAQs for more details about what file formats are supported.

The go-to choice for redaction solutions worldwide, CaseGuard delivers indispensable and trusted redaction capabilities to a wide array of clients, including national governments, local authorities, healthcare providers, law enforcement agencies, legal service providers, media organisations, call centres, financial service providers, retailers, casinos, and transportation companies.

Who uses CaseGuard Studio?

CaseGuard Studio can be beneficial for a wide range of professionals, organizations and across various industries that deal with multimedia content and require advanced redaction and transcription capabilities. Users of CaseGuard Studio may include:

  1. Law Enforcement: Police departments, investigative agencies, and law enforcement professionals use CaseGuard Studio to redact sensitive information from surveillance footage, interviews, and body-worn camera recordings.
  2. Legal Professionals: Attorneys, paralegals, and legal support staff may use CaseGuard Studio for redacting confidential information in legal proceedings, depositions, and court exhibits.
  3. Healthcare Providers: Healthcare organizations and professionals utilize CaseGuard Studio to protect patient privacy by redacting personal and medical information in videos and audio recordings.
  4. Government Agencies: Government departments and agencies can employ CaseGuard Studio to ensure compliance with data protection regulations while redacting sensitive information in public records and official documents.
  5. Media Organizations: News outlets, journalists, and media professionals can use CaseGuard Studio to obscure faces and personal information in news footage, interviews, and documentaries.
  6. Call Centers: Call centers may utilize CaseGuard Studio to redact sensitive customer information in recorded calls to maintain data privacy and compliance with regulations.
  7. Retailers and Casinos: Retailers and casinos can use CaseGuard Studio to enhance security by redacting information that may pose a security risk when shared or viewed.
  8. Transportation Providers: Companies in the transportation industry can use CaseGuard Studio to redact sensitive information from vehicle camera footage and audio recordings for safety and privacy reasons.
  9. Educational Institutions: Educational institutions and educators can utilize CaseGuard Studio for redacting student information and ensuring privacy in recorded classroom sessions or educational content.
  10. Corporate Enterprises: Large corporations and businesses may find CaseGuard Studio valuable for redacting sensitive information in internal communications, training videos, and customer interactions.
  11. Disclosure Officers needing to produce redacted material for proceedings or press releases.
  12. Data Protection & Privacy and Subject Access Managers providing redacted material to interested parties.
  13. All users of Body Worn Cameras which create large volumes of audio and video that may need redacting depending on who it is shared with.

Overall, CaseGuard Studio caters to a broad spectrum of users and industries that require efficient and precise redaction and transcription tools to protect privacy, ensure compliance, and enhance the security of multimedia content.

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Why use CaseGuard Studio?

There many reasons and use cases for Video Redaction Software where redacting personal information, faces etc, from a video recording, here are a few:

  1. Protecting Privacy and Security: One primary motivation for redaction is safeguarding the privacy and security of individuals involved, especially when the video contains sensitive or confidential information that could be misused by others.
  2. Legal Compliance: Compliance with laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, is another crucial factor. Redacting personal data and faces can prevent legal liabilities and penalties associated with violating data protection rules.
  3. Ethical and Professional Integrity: Maintaining ethical and professional principles, including honesty, integrity, and fairness, is essential. By redacting personal information and faces, you can uphold your reputation, credibility, and the trust of clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.
  4. Protection from Identity Theft: Redacting personal information, such as names, addresses, and identification numbers, helps protect individuals from potential identity theft or fraud. Preventing this information from being readily accessible in videos reduces the risk of malicious exploitation.
  5. Maintaining Consent and Trust: Redaction can be a proactive measure to ensure that individuals featured in the video have given their informed consent for their participation. By demonstrating respect for their privacy and consent, you build and maintain trust, which is crucial for ethical and sustainable relationships.
  6. Preventing Doxing and Harassment: In an age where online harassment and doxing (publicly disclosing private information) are prevalent, redaction can be a shield against malicious individuals or groups seeking to harm or harass people. By obscuring personal details and faces, you reduce the chances of such malicious activities.

In addition to faces, videos may contain other sensitive details, such as license plates, addresses, names, phone numbers, and the contents of computer screens or documents. Audio within the video may also require redaction. CaseGuard offers a comprehensive solution, allowing you to transcribe the audio, select specific words, sentences, or larger segments for redaction, and replace them with either silence or a beep. Furthermore, the software includes a feature to alter the pitch of the audio to anonymise voices if necessary.

How CaseGuard Studio Helps

CaseGuard Studio is a versatile solution for efficiently redacting sensitive information from multimedia content like videos, audio files, documents, and images. It simplifies the often-intricate process of data redaction, ensuring both accuracy and time-saving benefits.

One of its primary advantages is aiding users in adhering to legal requirements, especially data protection regulations such as the GDPR. By concealing personal information and faces, it helps organisations avoid potential legal issues and hefty penalties associated with non-compliance.

Privacy protection is at the core of CaseGuard Studio’s functionality. By effectively concealing sensitive details, it preserves the privacy and security of individuals featured in multimedia content, a vital aspect of maintaining ethical standards and trust.

Additionally, it provides a boost to security by reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access to confidential information, making it an asset for organisations looking to enhance their data security.

Professionals in various fields, including law, healthcare, and journalism, benefit from CaseGuard Studio’s clean and accurate redaction capabilities, aligning with high standards of professionalism.

The software also brings time saving efficiency through automation and batch processing features, making it an excellent choice for small batch – ‘day to day’ use and for redacting larger volumes of content in serious crime or fraud cases.

CaseGuard Studio doesn’t stop at redaction; it offers transcription services, simplifying audio content transcriptions. Furthermore, it can be used for voice alteration, allowing users to modify audio pitch for added anonymity.

With its user-friendly interface, CaseGuard Studio is easy to use, making it accessible to users across all technical skill levels.

Finally – another feature that sets CaseGuard Studio apart in Video Redaction Software solutions is its versatility; it caters to a wide range of industries, including law enforcement, healthcare, media, education, and corporate enterprises. This adaptability makes it a valuable tool for streamlining multimedia content processing across different sectors.

“I can confidently say that CaseGuard stands out as one of the best redaction tools on the market. Its easy to use interface coupled with powerful AI features makes the redaction process seamless and efficient.”

Phil Booth

Major Incident Media Officer, Lancashire Constabulary

Phil's full review of CaseGuard and Demux

CaseGuard has greatly assisted us with blurring faces, removing sensitive information and following individuals in crowds, CaseGuard handles it all with precision and speed. We have used it for a wide range of jobs, these include CCTV of football disorder offences in which there are large groups of offenders that need highlighting and tracking, to body cam footage of domestic violence offences where individuals within a property need their faces redacting. CaseGuard has never failed to deliver exceptional results.

Thanks to CaseGuard, we can confidently redact videos, knowing that sensitive information is protected without compromising on quality. It’s a must-have tool for any organisation serious about video redaction.

Demux facilitated the purchase of CaseGuard very professionally. They were extremely helpful with setting up a product demonstration with CaseGuard, and they also were very accommodating, providing us with a trial of the software.

Purchasing CaseGuard through Demux was great as they supported us every step of the way.

Phil Booth
Major Incident Media Officer, Lancashire Constabulary

CaseGuard Studio FAQs

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