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What Can You Do With Oosto?

The technology can be used on live camera streams or recorded material. Recorded material is processed faster than real time. Work from your own watch list or create it on the fly from video content. Alert when matches found.

Who Could It Find and Track?

  • Missing Persons
  • Persons of interest
  • Wanted persons


Facial recognition technology helps protect people and places and is the most accurate way to identify faces, bodies and behaviour, even in the most adverse of conditions.

  • Respond to threats faster with accurate, real-time alerting
  • Track known individuals and anyone they’ve been in contact with
  • Search thousands of hours of footage in just minutes
Security that’s always watching

Automated video surveillance systems that uses facial recognition to identify persons of interest in real time can do so as they enter your premises alerting you with real time notifications.

Centrally managed watchlists across different locations can control how person of interest data is managed. AI technology can be incorporated into your existing camera infrastructure, helping your teams understand and respond to what’s happening in real-time and solve investigations faster.

“Demux background and expertise in this field has provided me with the material to effectively investigate the offences and will reduce the time required to interview witnesses and suspects.”

Detective D. B.

Economic Crime Unit, City of London Police

Remove everyday video surveillance challenges

  • Detect and identify individuals from an authorized watchlist in real-time.
  • Achieve the highest accuracy in the most challenging real-world conditions.
  • Configure privacy needs, including bystander blurring and hard data deletes.
  • Liveness detection and spoof alerting enables us to alert your security team if a visitor attempts to evade detection.

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