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The best way to determine if the software works for you is to give it a test drive first.

  • The trial lasts for 30 days which hopefully will provide you with enough time to test the software on the data from a variety of DVRs.
  • The trial version is fully functional but the export of video material is limited to one file.

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Free 30 Day Trial

If you recover video from more than a couple of DVRs a year then the full licence is going to save you time and money.

  • The full licence provides access to unlimited usage.
  • 12 months of updates
  • 12 months of support
  • dongle activated subscription, software can be installed on multiple machines.

The developers of DVR Examiner are committed to regular updates and have a great support team to assist you.

Why not start with the 30 day trial or if you know that you are ready to purchase please request a quote here.

Existing User Testimonial

During an on going major investigation our team were tasked with gathering CCTV evidence from an unbranded DVR that had an unknown password. After several failed attempts to locate the required information to allow access to the DVR contact was made with Demux Video Services Ltd, regarding DME Forensics, DVR Examiner.

Within 48hrs from point of order we received the product; this allowed us immediate access to the required CCTV Footage by extracting the data direct from the DVR’s HDD.

With out Demux Video Services Ltd and DME’s DVR Examiner we would have faced lengthy delays and may even have been unable to retrieve the evidence that we required.

Neil Dawson
Forensic Technician
Police Scotland

What is DVR Examiner?

DVR Examiner is a software solution for acquiring video and metadata from CCTV DVR Hard Drives in a forensically sound manner. Whether in the field or in the lab, DVR Examiner allows law enforcement and other forensic professionals to bypass DVR passwords and archaic menus to quickly extract evidence from the DVR hard drive directly. No need to carve out the data and decipher the time stamps and camera streams.

Data Recovery software is often capable of seeing the data on a hard drive but without specialist knowledge of the filesystem used by an individual DVR manufacturer it can be extremely time consuming to carve the data and piece it together into playable video with any relevant meta data tying up specialists on a task that can be easily carried out by DVR Examiner.

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Using the DVR user interface to export video can take upwards of three weeks on some systems and often requires babysitting to provide additional recordable media as required. With only a few clicks, DVR Examiner allows you to retrieve video from the DVR hard drive directly. This forensically sound workflow saves you and your agency the headache of identifying the systems password and problems manually exporting video to flash drives or CDs!

Spend more time viewing the images and less time acquiring them.

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So why would you need a software solution?

  • No need to power on the DVR even if you do have the power lead
  • No admin or user password required
  • No remote control required
  • No need to use the DVR user interface.
  • No need for export media such as a USB stick or discs.
  • No need to retain the DVR once hard drive is imaged and confirmed as compatible with DVR Examiner.
  • Recover video for periods that the DVR system thinks is no longer available*
  • Export a selection of the video content in either the proprietary format or a wmp compatible format or both.

*If DVR Examiner indicates that the recovery of inaccessible data is supported for a specific filesystem then this is an additional option which may recover data that has been accidentally or maliciously deleted via the DVR user interface or data now out of  the systems retention policy.

The video below demonstrates the time saving when using DVR Examiner over traditional recovery methods. As the list above shows there are more benefits to using the software than just speeding up recovery.

DVR Examiner
DVR Examiner Time Savings

Who Uses DVR Examiner?

Forensic Examiners

Are you looking for a forensically sound method of recovering video from CCTV DVRs? DVR Examiner provides a forensically sound workflow to save you and your agency the headache of manually exporting video to flash drives or CDs!

Looking for video that the DVR says isn't there? By accessing the raw data DVR Examiner may be able to recover inaccessible video that you cannot recover with the DVR.

Law Enforcement Investigators

There are hundreds if not thousands of DVRs available on the market. Having to learn how to work with each unique system is a time consuming and frustrating process. By working with the hard drive directly, DVR Examiner allows you to bypass the DVR and work with the video in a consistent and easy to use interface.

Quicky and easily recover video at the scene in a fraction of the time it could take to export with the DVR itself.

Arson Investigators

Have you ever arrived at an Arson scene and found a burned and mangled DVR that may contain valuable evidence? In many situations the DVR housing can protect the hard drive from the damage of the fire, allowing you to easily recover your evidence.

With DVR Examiner you do not need the DVR to be operational, just the hard drive. Once it has been imaged you can start to examine the video content.

Private Investigators

Using the DVR to export video can take upwards of 3 weeks on some systems, tying up you and other resources. With only a few clicks, DVR Examiner allows you to retrieve video from the DVR hard drive directly and you can do it at their location.

This forensically sound workflow saves you and your company the headache of manually exporting video to flash drives or CDs!

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