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Live, Instructor-led, online training building on the core knowledge of the Operator Certification by introducing Examiner-level workflows and advanced processes in Axon Investigate.


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The Examiner Training Course Includes two, 4 hour modules (8 hours total). Operator Certification should be completed before beginning Examiner.

These modules offers participants a comprehensive understanding of important video terms and their significance in video investigations. The course also provides hands-on experience in developing and processing more complex workflows. Furthermore, it offers insights into the methods of creating engaging and informative exhibits for investigative purposes and courtroom use.

Participants will deepen their understanding of frame rates and their impact on determining speed and use of force, as well as explore the potential challenges and advantages of video enhancements. Moreover, they will enhance their skills in creating and exporting easily readable PDF reports for sharing.

Course Prerequisites

Operator Certification should be completed before beginning Examiner training

Additional Information

Course Length: 2 x 4 hours
Who Should Attend: Participants who wish to gain comprehrensive understanding of important video terms and their significance in video investigation
Advanced Preparation: None
Program Level: Beginner-level
Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications
Delivery Method: Hands-on, live, instructor-led online training

Learning Objectives

Video Terminology and Limitations:

  • Articulate video terminology and understand the limitations that affect accurate interpretation.
  • Recognize the limitations and possibilities of video enhancements.

Timing and Workflows:

  • Understand limitations in calculating proper timing between video images.
  • Demonstrate an ability to deploy repeatable workflows to overcome common technical challenges.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with creating and executing iNPUT-ACE Workflows.

Exhibits and Synchronization:

  • Create demonstrative exhibits that help accurately explain video evidence.
  • Synchronize events from multiple cameras in the same timeline.

Report Creation:

  • Create PDF BOLOs and other reports with embedded video and image content.

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