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Live, instructor-led, online training covering the foundations of measuring distance/speed from complex video files while overlaying photo/video evidence over 3D point cloud.


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The Metrologist course Includes two, 4-hour courses (8 hours total). Operator and Examiner Certifications are required.
These modules are designed to enhance participants’ understanding of 3D rendering, reconstruction, and accurate timing calculation from videos.

By learning to utilize the AXON Investigate Camera Match Overlay Tool and the AXON Investigate Frame Rate (VFR) Lightboard, participants will develop the necessary skills to overlay video evidence onto point cloud data, ensuring precise measurements and calculations within a documented margin of error.

Moreover, participants will gain proficiency in utilizing recorded video while considering challenges like variable refresh rates, compression, rolling shutter, and more, which can complicate these calculations. Additionally, participants will acquire the ability to measure object locations through Reverse Projection and 3D laser scan geometry.

Furthermore, they will grasp the fundamental components of video files and how different codecs interpret metadata, which can introduce inaccuracies in older speed calculation methods, thanks to the introduction of HEX.

Course Prerequisites

Operator and Examiner Certification should be completed before beginning Metrologist training.

Additional Information

Course Length: 2 x 4 hours
Who Should Attend: Participants who wish to enhance their understanding of 3D rendering, reconstruction and accurate timing calculation from videos
Advanced Preparation: None
Program Level: Beginner-level
Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications
Delivery Method: Hands-on, live, instructor-led online training

Learning Objectives

Fundamentals of Reverse Projection:

  • Understand the principles and basics of Reverse Projection.
  • Develop a solid understanding of 3D Reverse Projection.

Proficiency in 3D Reverse Projection:

  • Demonstrate the ability to perform 3D Reverse Projection effectively.

Factors Affecting Margin of Error:

  • Gain knowledge of the variables that can impact the Margin of Error in measurements and calculations.

Calculation of Margin of Error:

  • Demonstrate the ability to accurately calculate the Margin of Error in forensic analysis.

Video File Timing and Compression:

  • Understand how timing information is stored in video files.
  • Comprehend the basics of HEX and its relevance to video files and codecs.
  • Recognize the complexity and implications of compression in video analysis.

Utilizing the VFR Lightboard:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in using the VFR Lightboard tool.
  • Articulate and explain each step of the process involved in utilizing the VFR Lightboard effectively.

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