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Live, Instructor-led, online training providing hands-on core knowledge for video evidence utilizing Axon Investigate software.


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The Axon Investigate Operator Certification is a video investigation training course that prepares participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills that are essential for performing accurate video investigations. The certification track includes two, 4-hour courses including Intro to Axon Investigate and Case Management.

These modules provide comprehensive training on utilizing the Axon Investigate software for video-centric investigations. Participants will become proficient in navigating the user interface, leveraging key features, and conducting a thorough investigation using Axon Investigate.

The first module focuses on mastering the workflow, from initial playback to accurate review and court-ready output creation. The second module builds upon this foundation by exploring advanced concepts such as frame rates, codecs, containers, and the risks associated with proprietary players. Participants will also develop skills to manage video assets and derivatives in complex cases using Axon Investigate.

Course Prerequisites


Additional Information

Course Length: 2 x 4 hours
Who Should Attend: Participants who wish to gain fundamental knowledge and skills essential for performing accurate video investigations
Advanced Preparation: None
Program Level: Beginner-level
Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications
Delivery Method: Hands-on, live, instructor-led online training

Learning Objectives

Understanding Video Fundamentals:

  • Enhance understanding of frame rates and their significance.
  • Identify and differentiate codecs, containers, and formats, including proprietary ones.

Efficient Video Organization:

  • Apply major case management concepts like group organization, metadata insertion, marked images, and sub-clips.
  • Organize source videos and sub-clips effectively for creating demonstrative exhibits.

Advanced Analysis Techniques:

  • Utilize date/time offsets for tracking suspects across multiple video sources.
  • Apply concepts to complex cases with multiple sources and camera views, including filtering and sorting original files and derivatives.

Best Practices and Software Proficiency:

  • Implement fundamental best practices in video analysis and investigation.
  • Customize the File List by adding, renaming, and sorting groups and files to meet specific case requirements.
  • Navigate the software efficiently using hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts.

Forensic Processing and Integrity:

  • Convert proprietary video into standard formats suitable for forensic processes and demonstrative exhibits.
  • Understand file hashing, authentication, and validation to ensure file integrity.

Reporting and Output:

  • Export images, videos, and PDF reports with embedded content, effectively interrogate video by tracking suspects and tagging relevant pictures and clips.

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