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iNPUT-ACE Certified Examiner (IAEC) – Narrative Reports and Demonstratives 16/3/22

Start Date

March 16, 2022



Start Time

05:00 pm


iNPUT-ACE, Video Evidence Recovery & Analysis

Training Organizer & Venue

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Phone Number

0845 226 3128


Day 1 – Workflows and Technical Considerations

iNPUT-ACE Workflows & Technical Considerations is a separate training module – Please see training list for iNPUT-ACE Workflows & Technical Considerations dates


This module aims to ensure students have a comprehensive understanding of crucial video terms and their meaning as they relate to video investigations. Students will delve deeper into the frailty of frame rates (particularly when determining speed and use of force) and explore the potential issues and benefits of certain video enhancements. The course stresses the importance of overcoming technical issues present in video prior to examination or creation of any demonstrative exhibits for investigation or court proceedings.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate video terminology and the limitations that affect accurate interpretation
  • Understand limitations in calculating proper timing between video images
  • Demonstrate an ability to deploy repeatable workflows to overcome common technical challenges
  • Recognize the limitations and possibilities of video enhancements.

Course Outline

  • Technical Terms and Concepts
  • Frame Rate Revisited
    • Variable Frame Rates
    • Frame Analysis Report
  • Aspect Ratio and Interpolation
  • Interlacing
  • Temporal Compression
  • Enhancement
  • Saving and Re-Using Workflows

Recommended Prerequisite

  • iA Operator (or equivalent experience)

Who Should Attend?

  • Investigators
  • Analysts

Day 2 – Narrative Reports and Demonstratives


This module provides students with experience developing and processing more complex workflows, and it gives insight into the methods for creating compelling and instructive exhibits for investigative purposes and for use in court. Students will expand their skills in creating and exporting PDF reports that can be shared in an easily readable format.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate proficiency with creating and executing iNPUT-ACE Workflows
  • Create demonstrative exhibits that help accurately explain video evidence
  • Synchronize events from multiple cameras in the same timeline
  • Create PDF BOLOs and other reports with embedded video and image content

Course Outline

  • Create video narrative of criminal events from multiple camera views
  • Create a multi-camera view by synchronizing several cameras using the on-screen time stamps
  • Create a synchronized multi-camera view using a visual sync point
  • Create a synchronized side-by-side view to emphasize a particular part of a video
  • Review the features of the Narrative Report Tool
  • Create a Narrative Report Template
  • Create and export PDFs with embedded content using the Narrative Report Tool

Recommended Prerequisite

  • iA Operator (or equivalent experience)
  • Workflows and Technical Considerations

Who Should Attend?

  • Investigators
  • Analysts

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